Tuesday, September 29, 2009

B is for Baby...and for Blueberry!

Today, the most annoying child in my class did something I found quite cute. In his journal this morning, he drew "Mrs. Wise with her baby inside." He asked me while he was working on it, "Teacher, is your baby a boy?" I told him I wouldn't know for a long time. He seemed content with that, but informed me that in his picture, the baby was a boy. We'll see... Oh, yeah. In this picture, I also have a cat. With wings.

Today, Piglet is 7 weeks old! According to www.babycenter.com, Piglet is now the size of a blueberry! In honor of this momentous occasion, James and I are sharing a blueberry smoothie!


  1. So technically, you're eating your baby??

  2. I never thought a blueberry was big until yesterday.

  3. cute drawing. except... the baby looks like a clown. which scares me.