Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How We're Feeling...

8 weeks 6 days

James and I really liked this line from What To Expect When You're Expecting. So insightful and accurate:
Anticipating the end of the first trimester (which, granted, is still a month away): "As energy levels pick up, you'll soon have more get-up-and-go, and as urinary urges ease, you may have to get up and go less often." Let it be, Lord Jesus, please!

In other encouraging news, someone suggested to me recently to take my prenatal vitamins at night instead of in the morning. What a wonderful idea! I have felt SO much better-significantly less queasy--during the day! I'm so thankful!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thoughts From Cat

8 weeks 2 days

Well, yesterday I redefined what morning sickness has looked like for me so far. I wasn't even feeling all that queasy, but swallowing my prenatal vitamin triggered my gag reflex, and though I tried to fight it, I lost. And lost my breakfast. Oh, well. That didn't happen today, so hopefully it won't happen too much!

I want to read the book Baby Wise. I've heard from people on both sides, but I definitely want our baby on a schedule. My mom swears by it (actually she doesn't swear, but she feels strongly about it), and I've watched my own friends on both sides of the spectrum. I've seen enough to know that I want some structure! Which I'm sure doesn't surprise anybody who knows me. I don't know if that's the best book on baby schedules or if there's a better one...I can read several!

I broke the zipper on a pair of pants I was wearing this week. I borrowed them from a friend but they were already too tight for me, so I only zipped them part way, and then later I realized the zipper was broken! I don't think I'm growing much yet, so I'm not sure how that happened!! Several of my pants I'm just leaving the button open. It's much more comfy-I can't handle the pressure on my belly-it increases the nausea!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Longest Week of Our Lives

Well, basically we get to live week 7 over again!

I'm great now but today was a little nerve-wracking for me. Our first prenatal visit was yesterday, and it went well and everything, but they couldn't see all that they wanted to on the ultrasound, so they scheduled me for another one this afternoon on a different machine. So I'll day I've wrestled back and forth in my mind "Everything's fine, they just want to make sure of some stuff." "Why would they have me come back the very next day if there wasn't a problem?" etc. But we just had the ultrasound appointment and it was a higher quality machine and everything's fine. We're earlier along than we thought (though really I already thought that) so we have a new due date (May 27th) and baby is only now 6 wks and 6 days when originally we were saying today was 8 weeks. But we got to see and hear the heartbeat and we have several pictures (2 of them 3D!!) of our precious baby and so that's good!

So week 7 happens again tomorrow! Another blueberry smoothie, anyone?