Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Dreams

We picked a crib today. We've started Target and registries, and it's been fun to find things we like and "save" them on our list. This crib changes into a "toddler bed," a day bed, and then a full-sized bed! Convenient! :)

We've been thinking about definite results yet, but if you've ever been bullied for your name, I'm sorry for you! We've looked on this website where basically you can look up all the ways people get bullied for different names...sad! There is other helpful information there, too. It's all so fascinating!

Friday, November 6, 2009


11 Weeks 1 Day

I found out yesterday that I am among only 15% of the population!!! My blood type is O neg, which means there's a protein that most people have in their blood but I don't. I always knew I was special! :) James needs to find out his blood type, though he's pretty sure he's neg, too. Basically, what this means for Piglet is that if Piglet's mommy and daddy are both negative, then Piglet's blood is negative, and there's no problem. If, however, daddy's blood is positive while mommy's is negative, Piglet could have positive blood. This is still fine. However, on the off chance that something happens that causes mine and Piglet's blood to mix (like a car accident or I fall down hard or something), my blood could start producing antibodies to fight off Piglet's blood because it's different from mine. But there's a shot they'll give me if that becomes an issue, so it's nothing to worry about. And I think they'll go ahead and give me that shot around 28 weeks even if we have no reason to be concerned, just to be safe. But, it all depends on James' blood type. He's checking on that...

I never knew blood types mattered much. I think there's an Adventures in Odyssey episode that jokes about different blood types...that's all I know about it!!! :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


10 Weeks 5 Days

I'm growing. People have been commenting on my having a "baby bump," and I haven't been sure, but now I think I can't argue it anymore. Pants that started out loose are starting to be uncomfortable. I really am starting to grow! My mother-in-law took me shopping this weekend for my first maternity clothes (Thanks, Sarah!), and while I was a bit overwhelmed at first (I felt like I didn't know how to pick maternity clothes, and I felt like I was pretending to be trying on clothes that had room for a bowling ball when I still look normal), we found some cute outfits! At one store, they had a pillow that velcroed on under the clothes so I could see what I'd look like months down the road! I still have a hard time picturing that, so it was funny to try it on!

It's become the popular thing in my classroom for my students to draw me, James, Jewel, and Piglet in their journals. The pictures are quite amusing. :)