Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Month Birthday

Elijah is two months old today! He is even more adorable than ever! At his doctor's appointment today, we found out all his stats: He's 14.3 lbs (95th percentile), 24 1/4 inches (91st percentile), with a head circumference of 16 inches (68th percentile).

He's started smiling a lot more often. I do silly things and make faces to try to generate more smiles, and occasionally I capture one on camera! He's becoming more and more expressive, making lots of cooing noises and sounds that I think are his form of talking at this point. It's fun to listen to and to carry on a "conversation"!!

He's made several new friends this month. One highlight was meeting Cora, who we hope he will grow up and fall in love with.

Elijah is enjoying bath time much more now (or at least disliking it much less). His favorite part is still getting wrapped up in a towel when we're through! He's just so snuggly, and I like to show him his toweled-up self in the mirror!

This is probably my favorite picture from this last month. He was holding his hand up and it looked like he was talking on the phone. We thought it'd be funny to have a picture with him and James both "talking on the phone." It took several failed attempts, and then this! I think he looks like an angry construction worker or something!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eyes and Smiles

Elijah's eyes are changing colors! I had been hoping they'd stay this awesome blue color he was born with, but I'm curious to see how they end up! Right now they're somewhere in between gray and brown and green.

He's been super tired lately, and not so hungry. Maybe this is part of growing? We weighed him at the UPS Store yesterday on the scale for weighing packages. He weighs approximately 14 pounds, we think. We have his two month doctor's appointment on Friday, so we'll get the official measurements then.

He laughed the other day! He's become quite the smiler-when we talk to him and laugh, he smiles in response-it's just precious! So I will sit there and just keep working to generate smiles! But then one time, he laughed! It sounded more like a little squeal or squeak! Haven't heard it again yet, but hopefully soon! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not All Diapers are Created Equal

In the hospital they provided us with the coolest diapers. Maybe it was just the naivete of it all, but they really were the best. They had this awesome yellow stripe that turned blue when the diaper was wet, and never leaked. Since then we have experimented with several different brands...and let's just say, the hospital knows what they are doing!

Lessons Learned:
- Cheaper does not equal the same quality as name brand. You get what you pay for...unfortunately.
- Same goes for the wipes.
- Same goes for the wipe containers and their "user friendly" (or not so "user friendly") opening system.
- Different brands fit differently. (Should have learned this one from the clothes - little tip for all the expectant mothers out there: Gerber runs SMALL)

So, until the cloth diapers become our main diaper, which could be any day now, we recommend Pampers Swaddlers.

One thing we haven't figured out is how to tell which package of swaddlers has the "Wetness Indicator" (aka: yellow to blue pee stripe). They all look the same to our new parent eyes.

In other news, Elijah does not like having his fingernails cut. The first few times were fine, but let's just say that he doesn't hold still very well when he's tired...which we all know leads to the experience being a much more painful one. :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Diapering Update

I tried a cloth diaper on the little man last night. Sadly, I did it during Elijah's fussiest time, so I ended up changing him just to see if that was why he was fussing, but I don't think it was even wet yet. At least, not that I could tell! It definitely adds some surface area to his bottom area-he looked a little comical! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bathtime Traumas

Bathtime is not Elijah's favorite thing. His first several baths were filled with tears. Once I just wiped him with a wet washcloth to make it go faster, foregoing the shampoo! So I always try to bathe him quickly. After his umbilical cord stump came off (finally!) I tried sitting him in the hard plastic part of the infant tub instead of the sling part, but I realized that may be for slightly older kids. Or something. Regardless, it didn't look comfortable and I spilled more water out of the tub, so we've gone back to the sling for a while longer.

While Jen was here, he stopped crying all through his baths, and now usually just "talks" through them. He has this fussing noise he makes, but he's starting making the same noise when he's not upset, too. It's just the only voice he's found so far, I think. So I don't know which way he's using it while I bathe him now-if he's protesting or just talking.

Today, however, just as we were starting our bath, I was trying to open the lid of the baby wash and it slipped out of my hand. Unwisely, I was holding it over him, so I dropped the bottle on his chest! He let out the biggest screams I have heard from him thus far, and he screamed for a good minute, I think! I felt so bad, even though I know it mostly just scared him! Jewel even came to investigate what all the noise was about! So, note to self: Don't hold slippery things with wet hands over Elijah. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growing and Changing

This is Elijah at one month old. He is growing and changing so much!! I think we're going to need to retire his "newborn" outfits and switch completely to the 0-3 month ones! I looked through those clothes today and got excited-he has lots of cute stuff in there! Below is a picture of the one he's wearing today! His umbilical cord stuff finally came off on Monday (I got tired of waiting and started pulling on it pretty hard when I changed his diaper. I made it bleed a little on Sunday, but then got it off Monday!!)!!! 5 weeks and a day-I think that's a little past the "normal" range! He's doing great gradually extending the time he sleeps during the night, which I'm loving, and he's starting to be rather conversational at times-so far it's the same noises he makes when he's fussy, but he makes them sometimes when he's happy, so I just talk back to him!

My current question-how to do tummy time?! I need some ideas or suggestions. He doesn't seem to like it much at all, and he often tries to eat the blanket he's lying on, even though it's too early for him to be hungry! I know I'm supposed to have him do tummy time, but I don't really know what to do! Any thoughts?