Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Month Birthday

Elijah is two months old today! He is even more adorable than ever! At his doctor's appointment today, we found out all his stats: He's 14.3 lbs (95th percentile), 24 1/4 inches (91st percentile), with a head circumference of 16 inches (68th percentile).

He's started smiling a lot more often. I do silly things and make faces to try to generate more smiles, and occasionally I capture one on camera! He's becoming more and more expressive, making lots of cooing noises and sounds that I think are his form of talking at this point. It's fun to listen to and to carry on a "conversation"!!

He's made several new friends this month. One highlight was meeting Cora, who we hope he will grow up and fall in love with.

Elijah is enjoying bath time much more now (or at least disliking it much less). His favorite part is still getting wrapped up in a towel when we're through! He's just so snuggly, and I like to show him his toweled-up self in the mirror!

This is probably my favorite picture from this last month. He was holding his hand up and it looked like he was talking on the phone. We thought it'd be funny to have a picture with him and James both "talking on the phone." It took several failed attempts, and then this! I think he looks like an angry construction worker or something!

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  1. he looks HUGE in that photo after bathtime. like maybe a 2 year old. man.