Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bathtime Traumas

Bathtime is not Elijah's favorite thing. His first several baths were filled with tears. Once I just wiped him with a wet washcloth to make it go faster, foregoing the shampoo! So I always try to bathe him quickly. After his umbilical cord stump came off (finally!) I tried sitting him in the hard plastic part of the infant tub instead of the sling part, but I realized that may be for slightly older kids. Or something. Regardless, it didn't look comfortable and I spilled more water out of the tub, so we've gone back to the sling for a while longer.

While Jen was here, he stopped crying all through his baths, and now usually just "talks" through them. He has this fussing noise he makes, but he's starting making the same noise when he's not upset, too. It's just the only voice he's found so far, I think. So I don't know which way he's using it while I bathe him now-if he's protesting or just talking.

Today, however, just as we were starting our bath, I was trying to open the lid of the baby wash and it slipped out of my hand. Unwisely, I was holding it over him, so I dropped the bottle on his chest! He let out the biggest screams I have heard from him thus far, and he screamed for a good minute, I think! I felt so bad, even though I know it mostly just scared him! Jewel even came to investigate what all the noise was about! So, note to self: Don't hold slippery things with wet hands over Elijah. :)

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  1. oh no! poor little EZ. i dont like those little screamy noises he makes at all. they make me sad.

    i want to snuggle him so bad! snuggle him for me?