Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growing and Changing

This is Elijah at one month old. He is growing and changing so much!! I think we're going to need to retire his "newborn" outfits and switch completely to the 0-3 month ones! I looked through those clothes today and got excited-he has lots of cute stuff in there! Below is a picture of the one he's wearing today! His umbilical cord stuff finally came off on Monday (I got tired of waiting and started pulling on it pretty hard when I changed his diaper. I made it bleed a little on Sunday, but then got it off Monday!!)!!! 5 weeks and a day-I think that's a little past the "normal" range! He's doing great gradually extending the time he sleeps during the night, which I'm loving, and he's starting to be rather conversational at times-so far it's the same noises he makes when he's fussy, but he makes them sometimes when he's happy, so I just talk back to him!

My current question-how to do tummy time?! I need some ideas or suggestions. He doesn't seem to like it much at all, and he often tries to eat the blanket he's lying on, even though it's too early for him to be hungry! I know I'm supposed to have him do tummy time, but I don't really know what to do! Any thoughts?


  1. Adorable he is!
    Mariah also did not care for tummy time. Holding them on you shoulder so they hold their head up counts as tummy time to though they need the floor as well :) With M we had to work up to it with one minute then two and so on. She liked a mirror in front of her and seemed to do better if I propped her up on the boppy. I have a small boppy if you want to try it you can (it is pink though :) ).

  2. He is so cute! Congrats to you guys. For tummy time, I do a few minutes here and there. At the beginning Shelby could just a minute or two then she would get mad. Now (at 4 months) she loves tummy time. You can also lay him across your lap on his stomach or you can lay down and lay him on your chest. The floor mirror is also a big hit at our house. Enjoy reading your post.