Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not All Diapers are Created Equal

In the hospital they provided us with the coolest diapers. Maybe it was just the naivete of it all, but they really were the best. They had this awesome yellow stripe that turned blue when the diaper was wet, and never leaked. Since then we have experimented with several different brands...and let's just say, the hospital knows what they are doing!

Lessons Learned:
- Cheaper does not equal the same quality as name brand. You get what you pay for...unfortunately.
- Same goes for the wipes.
- Same goes for the wipe containers and their "user friendly" (or not so "user friendly") opening system.
- Different brands fit differently. (Should have learned this one from the clothes - little tip for all the expectant mothers out there: Gerber runs SMALL)

So, until the cloth diapers become our main diaper, which could be any day now, we recommend Pampers Swaddlers.

One thing we haven't figured out is how to tell which package of swaddlers has the "Wetness Indicator" (aka: yellow to blue pee stripe). They all look the same to our new parent eyes.

In other news, Elijah does not like having his fingernails cut. The first few times were fine, but let's just say that he doesn't hold still very well when he's tired...which we all know leads to the experience being a much more painful one. :-)


  1. I completely agree about the diapers! We like the Swaddlers best, too.
    Sorry, I should have warned you about the clothes thing. I had to go through ALL of Amelia's and stack them by actual size and not "month" size. So far we haven't missed out on any clothes yet, but I have a friend who's little boy didn't get to wear some of his clothes b/c the brand size was too small by the time they got to it!
    I pretty much have to cut Amelia's fingernails when she's sleeping. She's just too wiggly!

  2. diapers are an interesting feat! We also tried all types and when she was small Swaddlers all the way but we also never figured out which ones had the pee stripe on them, someone said that was new so only some had them, that was a year ago though seems they should all have them now! After she advance though to size one/two we use Loves and love them after trying all the other brands. M had blow outs that Pampers could not handle when she changed sizes and Loves could not to mention they are cheaper. But really it depends on how your kid is shaped, many of my friends have different brands that fit their kid and worked. Hopefully cloth will fit better and more consistently. Wipe wise I will pay for Pampers every time! Or the Target brand is awesome and bigger! Funny though to clean her hands and face I prefer Wal-mart or Huggies because they are tougher but on her little tussie the others win out for sure!

  3. i want to add or agree that the diaper wipe containers are full of trouble.