Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I wish.

I've been bitten by the winter bug, all of a sudden! Yesterday I started thinking about cooler temperatures, walks outside in weather below 90 degrees, fall colors and smells, Christmas music and decorations, etc. I got so happy and now I can't wait! It's August...that means fall really is coming! Fall is my favorite season.

Some day I'd like to live somewhere that looks like this for at least several weeks. I'd sit in a rocking chair or porch swing on our big wrap-around porch and drink steaming hot cider...

Then I started thinking about Elijah experiencing his first Christmas. Wrapping paper, Christmas lights, tree's going to be super fun! Although, since we're moving to College Station in mid-December, I don't know if/where we'll decorate for Christmas!! I think I want to still decorate at Thanksgiving, because we still get to enjoy the tree and everything for those 3 weeks til we move...I don't know! But that's a lot of work, to set up and take down everything twice...we'll see! What do y'all think?


  1. I say decorate away! We are having baby mid December and I plan on recruiting help to make sure I still get Christmas decor :). Besides that stuff can be packed up last since it will go in an attic or storage anyway - or maybe move the tree decorated with a bag over it?! Hobby Lobby apparently got hit by your bug as well someone told me they already have Christmas stuff out!

  2. Cat! I love your blog :) I think it is way too hot to keep this whole summer thing up, and winter needs to come help us out a bit! ;) So happy for you and your family. Maybe we can visit/you can come visit when you move? I think college station isn't too far of a drive from SA :) Love you!

  3. i saw a few trees on my drive to work that have already changed to red. it was like they just could not wait any longer for fall. if i was a leaf, i would probably have skipped summer and gone right to fall.

    i think you should decorate. maybe just a simple way, that wont make it harder in the move.

  4. All I have to say is...Holler at Christmas in C-Stat!!! We will have tree farms of fun, We can even take EZ to Santas Wonderland...haven't been since College. With regard to decorations, y'all will champ it!