Monday, August 23, 2010

New Accomplishments

I love the steep learning curve that Elijah is on! I feel like every couple days he's doing new things! In the last week, he's been keeping his head up a lot longer during tummy time. He's also started grabbing things (mainly the burp cloths) and pulling them to his mouth (mostly to chew on his own fingers that just happen to be wrapped around something). Here are some pictures of his new accomplishments:I've just started trying to entice him to play with soft toys. He's been batting at noise-making toys, but now that he's grabbing things, these are a fun possibility! He kept his head up for so long the first day I introduced these. He really was studying them!!

Precious! Jewel also enjoys his time on his blanket, on his back or on his tummy. I really have to work on keeping her off his blanket, but she's improving! She's allowed to lick only his feet. :)
Elijah has also started sitting in the bumbo chair. He leans to the side rather awkwardly, but he'll just improve as he gets more practice sitting.

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  1. what a big boy! is his hair still red?

    the bumbo chair! i might never forget the photos on that box. wow.