Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recent Fashion Accessories


James and I recently pulled out the Baby Bjorn carrier we were given and gave it a shot. It's GREAT!!! Elijah can either face in or out, and he doesn't mind sleeping facing either way. It leaves our hands free, which has allowed us to lunch at a restaurant with friends, go grocery shopping, and run lots of other errands. It's SO hot these days we hate to leave him in the bucket seat/infant carrier because he gets soooo sweaty! We've decided to call this carrier Joey because it's like a kangaroo carrying her baby in front of her!

Cowboy Boot Socks:

James' mom gave us several pairs of these adorable socks! James informed me that they do NOT need to match whatever other clothes Elijah happens to be wearing. Cowboy boots, I'm told, go with any outfit! *I have also been repeatedly informed that boys do not wear "outfits." Sorry, honey. I wasn't sure what else to call it!*

Cloth Diapers:

These are working real well! I had trouble with them leaking for a while, and I still have some problems, but much less frequently now. I'd like to blame the diapers for the fact that we're at 10 1/2 weeks but about to move into 3-6 month clothes, but I know it's not entirely the fault of the diapers!! Such a cute little man!!


Elijah and I both feature spit-up as part of our daily get-up these days! Just moments after this picture was taken, Elijah spit up. I could feel the warm liquid running down the inside of my shirt...lovely!!!

You're never fully dressed without a smile! Cheers!


  1. haha
    thank you, nephew, for the reminder!!

  2. I love your pictures, Cat! You're getting to be a real pro! I really appreciate being able to keep up with Elijah's changes as he grows; his smile is delightful! Yours, too!

    Love, Great-Grandma Thompson