Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Teethe...or Not to Teethe

The jury is still out, but Elijah might be on the road to cutting a tooth. From what I hear, we could have months of these behaviors, so I'm not going to get too excited, but I think we're definitely heading that direction!
For a couple weeks now, he's been enthusiastically pulling everything he can get his hands on into his mouth. It's quite comical because his aim isn't very good and so he sometimes gets his hand in instead of the object in his hand, and other times has his mouth wide open to receive something that is bumping against his cheek or eye. Maybe that's funnier in real life. You'll have to take my word for it.
He has become a drooling machine! I can be mid-conversation with someone when I realize his gnawing on my finger has produced a puddle of drool on my leg or his lap!
I bought him some teething toys at Target this week. The one I gave him after refrigerating it was a bit of a surprise to him, but he warmed up to it (haha I'm so punny!).
This week, he has a bit of a runny nose and a low fever. Turns out this might be an actual cold or even the beginnings of seasonal allergies, but it still could be a teething symptom!

Three Steps Forward and One Step Back

Step One:
Elijah is working so hard on trying to roll over! He can get his legs over and then follow with his body til he's on his side, but that last little bit to get to his tummy is just too hard still! We like to help him with that part and then he loves being on his tummy-which is a big switch because it just hasn't been his favorite in the past!

Step Two:
Elijah has an ocean-themed play mat with rattle toys hanging down from above him. He's played with it before, and it was fine, but he just wasn't too interested in the toys above him, and then we've been working on rolling over on the bigger blanket, so we took a few weeks off from the ocean toy. Well, last week I got it back out and let him try again, and ladies and gentlemen, we have struck gold! He was thrilled-he's mastered enough eye-hand coordination that he can now grab the toys and make all kinds of rattling noise, and he just loves the satisfaction of holding on to them! In his opinion, I think the only downside is that they won't reach all the way to his mouth, because that's where he wants everything these days! He also still tries to roll over while he's on the play mat, and ends up practically curling around the soft arch where it connects to the mat-hilarious and so cute!

Step Three:
Elijah likes playing with toys now! I remember a couple months ago making the statement that I was excited for when he'd actually interact with his environment and touch things instead of just looking around and squirming. Well, that time has arrived! We can lay him on his blanket now and surround him with toys and he bats at the soft block, holds and chews on the stuffed animal, wraps his fingers around the rattle ball (a favorite toy, for sure!) and tries to get that one in his mouth, too! He eventually drops and pushes everything out of his own reach, and then he fusses and kicks until someone has compassion on him and puts the toys back within reach! He's still often content to just look around and observe people, but not exclusively. He is so aware of what's around him!

And Back:
Elijah has been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, praise Jesus! Last night, though, was a different story. I am reminded of how VERY GRATEFUL I am for his normal pattern. Please, Lord, may all our children be great night sleepers?!! Elijah's had about one day of a slightly runny nose and a low fever, and then yesterday was fever-free. He started coughing yesterday afternoon. He didn't nap well at all (yesterday's three naps combined equaled the normal length of one of his three daily naps!), so he was exhausted by bedtime. He ended up waking every hour almost all night, and at about 1 am developed an awful barky-sounding hoarse cough. His breathing sounded painful, like it was hurting his throat, and he was just crying, poor little man! I watched him for quite a while to make sure he was breathing (hey, I'm a first timer-sometimes I get nervous!), and then went back to bed. He is significantly better today, even woke up smiling and cooing later on! His cough is sounding much better and coming less frequently, and the doctor checked him out and listened carefully to his lungs and pronounced him fine! It may be a little cold, or even seasonal allergies.

In other news, Elijah's four month stats:

26 1/4 in (90th percentile-about the right size for a 6 month old!)
16 lbs 12 oz (85th percentile-almost the right size for a 6 month old!)
16 in and something (I didn't catch it) head circumference (90th percentile)

Basically, EZ's the size of a skinny 6 month old. That's what the doctor said, though he wasn't looking at my boy's thighs when he used the word "skinny"!

I love this little guy. *smile*

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Love of Jesus

Elijah is helping me share the gospel!

May this be only the beginning, in Jesus' name!

I've been going out with different friends recently to find people to pray for and to bless, and just to share the love of Jesus. We've gone to the mall, the zoo, and the park. Let me just tell you, a baby in a stroller is THE way to strike up conversations with people! It's probably on equal measure as having a very pregnant belly-open doors, people!!! So, I thought Elijah should dress the part this week. Granted, once I buckled him in to the stroller, you couldn't read his onesie quite as clearly, so I had to undo the buckle across his chest. We weren't in the car, people, he was safe! So, we had several good conversations with people. I got to share my testimony with one lady and pray with several others. Hopefully they were blessed!

Thanks to the girls who've suggested this or who've gone with me. I don't think I'd do it without the accountability!

Wow, I used the word "people" a lot. Interesting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moments of Laughter

Today has had some fun moments.

--During Elijah's afternoon nap, he woke up after about 45 min (this has become rather frequent!). He wasn't unhappy, though, he was just laying in his crib talking to himself (much less frequent!). He jabbered and cooed for a while, and I was hoping he'd just put himself back to sleep. After 20 or 30 minutes, though, I realized he wasn't falling back asleep, so I decided to go in and give him his pacifier, hoping he'd fall asleep that way. I think I scared him because he literally jumped when he saw me. I don't think he was trying to get my attention, he was just entertaining himself, waving one arm slowly over his head. Then, when he saw me, his eyes widened, he jumped, and he stopped talking! I just had to laugh! Happily, he did go right back to sleep after getting the pacifier!

--Elijah started making the "B" sound today! He makes lots of noise, but I haven't been able to pick out too many different consonants. I hear the "G" a lot, sometimes the "L," and a throat noise that sounds like an "R." But today he definitely started with the "B"! :)

--As I was cutting his fingernails today, Elijah kept trying to eat my hand. It made it very difficult to get to his nails. It was like he was just so fascinated by this thing (my wrist) that was so close to his mouth. "How do I get this delicious morsel in my mouth?!?!" So, in order to get his nails short, I had to put up with a LOT of drool on my arm! He's been excited to try to get lots of things in his mouth lately. The funny thing is that, more often then not, he mainly manages to get just his own fingers in his mouth as they grip whatever object he's trying to gnaw on! :)

He is all smiles for big chunks of the day! We love this little man and his joyful personality!

Some recent fun pics:

My men are so matching! See the brown shirts (above) and the blue shirts (below)! Precious!!! I just couldn't stop squealing! AAAaaawww!!!Yes, he's actually wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt! I think he practically looks like a toddler here! What in the world?!
This picture was taken to show Jen my new haircut that is now several weeks old. Sorry, sis! Also, when Elijah wears these clothes we think he looks like our friend David Balch. :)
Changing time!
These clothes were given to him by the Cretyle girls! Thanks, Charity, Laurie, and Katy! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

As Promised...The Days of Our Lives...

A favorite sleeping pose!
Our eyes are pretty much the same, now!
Happy birthday, Daddy! (Can you read EZ's shirt? It says "My Dad is my Hero"!)
Nursing buddies! Caleb was even bigger than Elijah at birth-10 lbs 7 oz-way to go, Lauren!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life with a Baby

So far, Elijah's young life has been spent mostly at home. I'm now a stay-at-home momma, which I love, and our activities have been mostly structured around his schedule-when he needs to eat, sleep, etc. Well, now we are "re-entering" the real world of activity that is not planned around him. I am so thankful that he is such a flexible baby, but I am also aware of how different changes do throw him off. This week, we started 24:14 (the last part of our church's training program before we are sent out as church-planters). Normally, this schedule will involve our being at "school" from 8:20-12:30 Tuesdays through Fridays, but we started the year with a three day retreat outside of Waxahachie. We didn't have any say in the schedule, so it was an adventure to figure out how to keep him happy and quiet all day during our activities. We definitely set up his blanket, pac'n'play, and bouncer (at different times!) for him in the back of the room where we were meeting! And when we got our hotel room it was just down the hall from where we were meeting, so then during nap times, we left him alone in the hotel room and just took the baby monitor down the hall with us!!! Big steps for me as a momma!!! And for the record, yes, it's a new thing to be focusing both on worship and on the little red lights on the baby monitor to see if my son is crying yet!! He didn't eat quite as well in the camp cafeteria because it was so noisy. He would get distracted or startled and not be interesting in eating, so while I tried that some of the time, as much as possible I took him back to our room to feed him so he'd get some peace and quiet.

Then, last night was another big step!! James and I had a church-related appreciation dinner to attend at someone's house, and they offered childcare at someone else's house. We decided it was time, so we left Elijah in the childcare over there!! I couldn't just pop in and check on him, he was a whole ten minutes (or at least five...) away! They had a bunch of kids, from Elijah's age to probably 7 or 8 years old, and 3 childcare workers. I was nervous, but he did great! He ate his whole bottle (that was one amazing babysitter-that takes perseverance!!), and he even slept for about an hour. I didn't go overboard and give them a bunch of instructions, I just said what time to give him his bottle. I didn't want to be overprotective and demanding. Of course in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Should I have told them to swaddle him when it's time for him to sleep? Should I tell her to switch how she's holding him if he's not interested in the bottle?..." But he did great!! And I think I did pretty great for a first-timer, too! James and I both were excited to pick Elijah up again, but it was freeing and encouraging to know that we could safely leave him. The girl asked when we dropped him off how he normally does when we leave him, and I felt bad telling her we hadn't done it before. Hopefully that didn't make her nervous! :)

I've pulled out the 3-6 month clothes and packed away the 0-3 month clothes. There are some CUTE options in this next batch!!

Pictures to follow soon.