Monday, September 20, 2010

The Love of Jesus

Elijah is helping me share the gospel!

May this be only the beginning, in Jesus' name!

I've been going out with different friends recently to find people to pray for and to bless, and just to share the love of Jesus. We've gone to the mall, the zoo, and the park. Let me just tell you, a baby in a stroller is THE way to strike up conversations with people! It's probably on equal measure as having a very pregnant belly-open doors, people!!! So, I thought Elijah should dress the part this week. Granted, once I buckled him in to the stroller, you couldn't read his onesie quite as clearly, so I had to undo the buckle across his chest. We weren't in the car, people, he was safe! So, we had several good conversations with people. I got to share my testimony with one lady and pray with several others. Hopefully they were blessed!

Thanks to the girls who've suggested this or who've gone with me. I don't think I'd do it without the accountability!

Wow, I used the word "people" a lot. Interesting.

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