Monday, September 13, 2010

Moments of Laughter

Today has had some fun moments.

--During Elijah's afternoon nap, he woke up after about 45 min (this has become rather frequent!). He wasn't unhappy, though, he was just laying in his crib talking to himself (much less frequent!). He jabbered and cooed for a while, and I was hoping he'd just put himself back to sleep. After 20 or 30 minutes, though, I realized he wasn't falling back asleep, so I decided to go in and give him his pacifier, hoping he'd fall asleep that way. I think I scared him because he literally jumped when he saw me. I don't think he was trying to get my attention, he was just entertaining himself, waving one arm slowly over his head. Then, when he saw me, his eyes widened, he jumped, and he stopped talking! I just had to laugh! Happily, he did go right back to sleep after getting the pacifier!

--Elijah started making the "B" sound today! He makes lots of noise, but I haven't been able to pick out too many different consonants. I hear the "G" a lot, sometimes the "L," and a throat noise that sounds like an "R." But today he definitely started with the "B"! :)

--As I was cutting his fingernails today, Elijah kept trying to eat my hand. It made it very difficult to get to his nails. It was like he was just so fascinated by this thing (my wrist) that was so close to his mouth. "How do I get this delicious morsel in my mouth?!?!" So, in order to get his nails short, I had to put up with a LOT of drool on my arm! He's been excited to try to get lots of things in his mouth lately. The funny thing is that, more often then not, he mainly manages to get just his own fingers in his mouth as they grip whatever object he's trying to gnaw on! :)

He is all smiles for big chunks of the day! We love this little man and his joyful personality!

Some recent fun pics:

My men are so matching! See the brown shirts (above) and the blue shirts (below)! Precious!!! I just couldn't stop squealing! AAAaaawww!!!Yes, he's actually wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt! I think he practically looks like a toddler here! What in the world?!
This picture was taken to show Jen my new haircut that is now several weeks old. Sorry, sis! Also, when Elijah wears these clothes we think he looks like our friend David Balch. :)
Changing time!
These clothes were given to him by the Cretyle girls! Thanks, Charity, Laurie, and Katy! :)


  1. we are such sisters with our short hair, separated by the mississippi river and all of those miles.

    i love seeing little man on skype. i have some really wonderful photos from the other day that i need to send to you.