Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three Steps Forward and One Step Back

Step One:
Elijah is working so hard on trying to roll over! He can get his legs over and then follow with his body til he's on his side, but that last little bit to get to his tummy is just too hard still! We like to help him with that part and then he loves being on his tummy-which is a big switch because it just hasn't been his favorite in the past!

Step Two:
Elijah has an ocean-themed play mat with rattle toys hanging down from above him. He's played with it before, and it was fine, but he just wasn't too interested in the toys above him, and then we've been working on rolling over on the bigger blanket, so we took a few weeks off from the ocean toy. Well, last week I got it back out and let him try again, and ladies and gentlemen, we have struck gold! He was thrilled-he's mastered enough eye-hand coordination that he can now grab the toys and make all kinds of rattling noise, and he just loves the satisfaction of holding on to them! In his opinion, I think the only downside is that they won't reach all the way to his mouth, because that's where he wants everything these days! He also still tries to roll over while he's on the play mat, and ends up practically curling around the soft arch where it connects to the mat-hilarious and so cute!

Step Three:
Elijah likes playing with toys now! I remember a couple months ago making the statement that I was excited for when he'd actually interact with his environment and touch things instead of just looking around and squirming. Well, that time has arrived! We can lay him on his blanket now and surround him with toys and he bats at the soft block, holds and chews on the stuffed animal, wraps his fingers around the rattle ball (a favorite toy, for sure!) and tries to get that one in his mouth, too! He eventually drops and pushes everything out of his own reach, and then he fusses and kicks until someone has compassion on him and puts the toys back within reach! He's still often content to just look around and observe people, but not exclusively. He is so aware of what's around him!

And Back:
Elijah has been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, praise Jesus! Last night, though, was a different story. I am reminded of how VERY GRATEFUL I am for his normal pattern. Please, Lord, may all our children be great night sleepers?!! Elijah's had about one day of a slightly runny nose and a low fever, and then yesterday was fever-free. He started coughing yesterday afternoon. He didn't nap well at all (yesterday's three naps combined equaled the normal length of one of his three daily naps!), so he was exhausted by bedtime. He ended up waking every hour almost all night, and at about 1 am developed an awful barky-sounding hoarse cough. His breathing sounded painful, like it was hurting his throat, and he was just crying, poor little man! I watched him for quite a while to make sure he was breathing (hey, I'm a first timer-sometimes I get nervous!), and then went back to bed. He is significantly better today, even woke up smiling and cooing later on! His cough is sounding much better and coming less frequently, and the doctor checked him out and listened carefully to his lungs and pronounced him fine! It may be a little cold, or even seasonal allergies.

In other news, Elijah's four month stats:

26 1/4 in (90th percentile-about the right size for a 6 month old!)
16 lbs 12 oz (85th percentile-almost the right size for a 6 month old!)
16 in and something (I didn't catch it) head circumference (90th percentile)

Basically, EZ's the size of a skinny 6 month old. That's what the doctor said, though he wasn't looking at my boy's thighs when he used the word "skinny"!

I love this little guy. *smile*

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