Thursday, October 14, 2010


We went to the zoo today. I "wore" Elijah in the "joey" instead of pushing him in the stroller like I've done on past zoo trips. I read on Baby Center that he should be starting to understand some of what I say soon. So I decided we could walk around and I'd point out the animals to him. In English and in Spanish, for some of them. Unfortunately, his bilingual experience was hampered because I don't know how to say meerkat in Spanish. Or red-handed gibbon. Yes, the Waco zoo is awesome! We had a good time!

Tonight during his bath, when I poured the water over Elijah's head to wash the shampoo out of his hair (if I can call it that...but it sounds so sad to say I washed shampoo off his head, even though that's probably more accurate!), he about gave me a heart attack! Apparently the water scared him (he never likes the water on his face-it always startles him!), so he threw himself back and arched his back really forcefully. He practically launched himself backwards, almost out of the baby bathtub. Thankfully, I do this with a hand on him almost the whole time, but still. He scared me!

We have entered the screaming stage. As I got him dressed after his bath, he went from talking (what has been the norm for diaper changes and play times), to screaming. Or maybe shrieking would be a better name for it. It's a shrill sound (but not a sad or mad one) that makes you wince. I hope he doesn't do it in class tomorrow. I hope this is a short stage! :)

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  1. Hey!! You better call me the next time you go to the zoo! :)