Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Zoo Trip

Elijah is enjoying his trips to the zoo. This time, Daddy came with us!
Isn't he a good-looking guy?
"I'm used to Jewel trying to lick me, but this?"
Now, Elijah, we didn't really come from these animals. God made us!
Elijah's perspective on the elephants.
Elijah's favorite screaming noise elicited a story from a friend about a child who began squawking like a parrot. We reenacted it here. Ah, the beauty of learning their voice! :)

So close!

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  1. I love that you re-enacted the parrot! Haha! And to elaborate on the story, a mutual friend called the friend with the parrot-like squawking child... and the first friend said, "Did you guys get a bird?". Second friend, "No, that's my child." Haha!