Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Hero of a Husband

James is my hero.

I've said it before, and I like to tell him so, but I usually say it in passing, and I'm not sure he realizes how deeply I mean it. I couldn't do this without him! That's always the case, but this weekend was another of those times where it was reemphasized to me just how wonderful he is! I got some kind of stomach bug on Friday (which, now that I think about it, I think Mr. Wonderful himself had first in a milder form and passed along to me...not so nice!), and felt just awful! I threw up a couple times and basically napped all afternoon. James was SO wonderful! He brought me water and made me a barf bag (that's what we called it growing up, anyway), and he totally took care of Elijah while I felt like I couldn't! I don't know how moms handle being sick when their husbands aren't around! He brought Elijah to me when I needed to feed him, or gave him a bottle, and changed his diaper, and played with him, and put him down for his nap, and even made sure before we went to bed that night that I would wake him up when I heard Elijah on the monitor so he could go take care of the baby instead of my getting up and doing it!!

I've been sick way more since Elijah's been born than I ever used to be, I feel like. I've had two migraines, one with very strange (and scary!) symptoms that thankfully haven't returned. But both times I was really incapacitated for at least an afternoon, and both times James totally took care of me and Elijah so I could rest and didn't have to worry about anything! He is such a gift!

James absolutely defines selflessness to me. He has been so intentional about choosing to die to himself and serve me and Elijah, and he makes it look so natural! I know he would say it's not natural or easy, but he doesn't do it grudgingly or reluctantly. He loves me so well and I am so blessed! Thanks, Honey!

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