Monday, October 11, 2010

Precious Moments


Love at first sight? I certainly hope so.

We woke him up to take a picture of him on his four month birthday. Yes, we had all day. No, we couldn't remember to do it before 9:30 pm. I LOVE that this streeeeetch was captured on film!
You woke me up for what?!

I'm not scared to take on a lion! I can take him!
These pictures were all taken in rapid succession. I put several toys within his reach, and he just wanted them all in his mouth! When he dropped one and it was out of reach, he went after the next one!
This morning, right after we got him up. SO precious! The teddy bear is his newest toy (well, new to him!). He's a big fan! :)


  1. 1. My baby niece (EZ's fiance) is NOT going to be happy when she see's the photos of him holding another girl's hand. He should have never have let that photo make it to the internet. Sloppy, EZ. Sloppy.
    2. I love that stretching picture
    3. Your second born and inevitably less photographed child WILL one day resent that EZ was photographed for his 4 month birthday. (And every other previous and subsequent day.)

  2. Obviously a dynamic couple, but I think Cora has the bigger smile. EZ is a little puzzled as to why we are rushing him into this commitment (the dreaded "C" word!!!)