Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 Months!

Today Elijah is six months old! What a milestone!

Thinking back...
A year ago, my waistline was starting to thicken.
A year ago, we were looking at baby furniture and dreaming about the future.
A year ago, we were talking about names for a boy or a girl!
A year ago, I was just getting over the first trimester nausea and exhaustion (praise the Lord!).
A year ago, we thought we'd be moving to Colorado soon (Haha!).
A year ago, we decorated for Christmas anticipating our baby's first Christmas next year.

Six months ago today, I pushed for what felt like FOREVER trying to bring this little (big!) boy into the world.
Six months ago today, we scared our family half to death because we told them we were going into surgery for a C-section and then didn't get a chance to call for two or three hours! (Still SO sorry about that, by the way!)
Six months ago today, we met a 9 lb 3 oz baby boy who has already totally changed our lives!
Six months ago today, James and I became parents. Responsible for the life of someone so tiny, so helpless, so miraculous!
Six months ago today, we received one of the biggest blessings we could have imagined!

Today, Elijah is a child of laughter and joy, a constant delight to us!
Today, Elijah loves to jump, be sung to, be read to, and chew on everything he can get into his mouth.
Today, Elijah is babbling, grasping, rolling over, sitting up, eating "solid" foods, sleeping well, and growing like a weed!

I wonder what the next six months will bring.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent Days

Now that Elijah's started rolling, he doesn't necessarily stay where we put him. It's hilarious to look up and find him halfway off the blanket. Or all the way in the dining room on his tummy! :)
On my birthday, James brought me my favorite Starbucks drink. Elijah wanted to try it.

"Mommy and Daddy insist on taking me garage saleing when it's cold outside!"
Don't let this picture confuse you, Elijah really does seem to enjoy traveling in the car!
His shirt says "Handsome like Daddy"! :) Sure thing!
I thought we'd try letting him drink out of a sippy cup since he always reaches for my cup. Turns out this is just the next phase of his oral fixation. Notice he's trying to chew on the handle.
He proceeded to chew on the spout, but I don't think he ever figured out that there was water inside! Maybe next time!

Great Grandma's Visit, Continued

More pictures from Great Grandma Thompson's visit:

We met up with Aunt Sara in Hillsboro so Grandma could continue her Texas visit. Aunt Sara's goal was to make everyone else (i.e., my parents) jealous that she was getting to spend time with Elijah.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lamp Re-done!

I bought this lamp for $2 at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. Two bulbs, oval lampshade. Your basic nightstand lamp.
I thought, "I can make this an awesome addition to our guest room!" So I did! :)

I spray painted the base navy blue, and recovered the lampshade with this awesome floral blue and cream fabric!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Grandma's Visit

Loving that rubber ducky!

Sitting up so well!
Hanging with Great-Grandma!
Great-Grandma brought him a nice warm hat and mittens!
Visiting Homestead Heritage. Yes, their sweet potato pancakes are DELICIOUS!!! Elijah fell asleep in the stroller approximately six minutes before we left. Go figure.
Messy face!
This is how James teaches Elijah to open his mouth for food.
Almost every morning, this is the face Elijah makes with his first bite or two of food! Hilarious!
Watch out! He's about to sneeze on me!
So warm!
Meeting Great-Grandma!
Elijah loved Great-Grandma!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Expressive!

Elijah loves to talk! We don't know what he's saying, but he sure goes at it! I know I talked about him screaming before, but today I decided something. There's screaming, and then there's screaming. We have, believe it or not, reached a new level. Try it yourself. You can use your normal voice and shout as loudly as you can, but then to get even louder or high-pitched, you kind of throw your diaphragm into it and open your throat and make even more noise. Well, our son has just realized that. I'm sitting at the table trying to read my Bible, Elijah's happily playing on his blanket on next to me, talking and jabbering away, when suddenly he's screaming. Talk, talk, SCREAM, talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk, SCREAM SCREAM, talk, talk. Wow. He was still happy and smiling, though! Oh, goodness.
His sound of choice right now is the "m" sound. Mamamamamama. :) I choose to think he's talking about me.
A sure fire way to get him to laugh is usually to make a pig sound. He has a book with all different animals and every time I get to the pig page and make the sound, he giggles. Precious!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sleeping Patterns

I think I understand now why moms of young children don't get excited about daylight savings time anymore. Elijah did well the first day because we kept him up late the night before, but since then, he's been getting up much earlier! I had been waking him up at 6am for his first feeding each day, but then the week before daylight savings time I stopped waking him to see how late he'd sleep. He went from 6 to 6:15 to 6:30 to 7!!! And then the time changed. So now he wakes up and starts talking in his crib anywhere between 5:10 and 6:30. If it's 5:10 we go in and give him his pacifier and reswaddle him so he'll (hopefully) go back to sleep, but if it's 6:30 we just let him talk and play for a little before I go feed him at 7. It's funny to be climbing out of the shower and hear him on the other side of the bathroom wall making his little baby noises! This morning he'd already woken up at 5:10 and gone back to sleep for about an hour, but by 6:15 he seemed wide awake! I still wanted to get showered and dressed and everything before getting him up, and his noises were all fairly happy ones, so we left him playing in the crib til 7. When I walked in to get him at 7, though, I burst out laughing! I didn't get a picture, so I will try to describe to you what I found! Okay. He sleeps in the middle of his crib, between 2 triangle wedges so he doesn't roll over (he's better at getting to his tummy but gets a little stuck there sometimes). We swaddle him so his arms are at his sides. When I walked in this morning, he had wiggles and squirmed and kicked himself right up to the top corner of his crib. He basically had his head in the corner and his feet where his head had started! He just lay there grinning and babbling while I called James to come see our little mover and shaker! He's not crawling yet, but he's still some kind of mobile!

This week during one of his naps he had a bit of an adventure, too. Now, I know that you're not supposed to keep anything in a baby's crib. But as a newborn, he didn't move at all, so we had a cute little display of stuffed animals in there in one corner. As he's grown, and often kicks his legs a lot when he doesn't want to sleep, we've moved the stuffed animals out of the crib. But last week I was playing with the idea of not responding when I first hear him talking and seeing if he'll fall back asleep, so I thought maybe he could have one toy in there. So he had this big blue bear that a friend of the family made for him. It's close to his size, actually. I set it in one corner of the crib where he could reach it if he wanted to touch it. So, I had put him down for a nap one afternoon, and, while I wish he had just drifted quietly off to sleep like he sometimes does, he seemed more awake once I set him down and he was just chattering and cooing away. Then, his talking turned to crying. I thought that was strange so I went in to check on him. Again, I wish I'd taken a picture, but it would have been cruel to leave him there to go get the camera. I found him with the bear spread-eagled on top of himself! It was hilarious!!! He didn't think it was quite so funny, though when I came in and started laughing he was less bothered by it. So, now the bear lives with the other toys again. He can just look at and touch the bumper pads instead. Which, after this morning and his traveling in the crib, I'm glad we have!! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake-Or At Least Cereal

Elijah has started eating rice cereal. This was a bittersweet transition for me because now he doesn't need just me for his sustenance- and so the journey begins. Next thing I know, he'll be going off to college! :) He made the decision easier about three days before we were already going to start him on the cereal because he started waking up 3-4 times during the night. He's always been a great sleeper, so getting up this often during the night was even worse than when he was a newborn!! I knew he was hungry, but we were traveling and I didn't have pumped milk or cereal with us...needless to say, we were all happy on Monday to be home and get to have his first meal! Enjoy the pictures!

In Recent News...

We received an anonymous gift this weekend! We received a huge box addressed to Elijah from someone we don't know in a city we don't think we have connections to! We praise God for His fun provision and sweet surprises! We're going to wait til we move, obviously, to set this up in our new backyard!
Elijah turned 5 months old last Saturday!!! This is not a month for a doctor's appointment, so we didn't know any of his stats, but today we took him to The UPS Store and weighed him there. :) He weighed just over 18.5 lbs!!! That means he's right about at double his birth weight.
We went to College Station last weekend to be a part of the Waco night training school outreach. Elijah was a champ on the parts he participated in! Although Mommy and Daddy learned that skipping one of Elijah's nap just to see how he'd do is a BAD idea. Now we know. :)
Elijah makes the funniest faces! He chews on everything...even his own lower lip!
We tried to capture him sucking his thumb. You can't really tell that that's what's happening. Oh, well. He does this sometimes, but he much prefers his pacifier to fall asleep. He loves to chew on all his fingers (and especially other people's fingers).
In the car on the way to College Station, sometimes he got inexplicably fussy and was calmed down by holding my hand. Unfortunately, it's a horrifically awkward angle from the front seat so I didn't stay this way for long.
Elijah has found his toes! When we change his diaper, he likes to eat his feet. It makes fastening a clean diaper rather difficult!
Sweet baby!
It got cold a couple days ago!
Family picture: