Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Recent News...

We received an anonymous gift this weekend! We received a huge box addressed to Elijah from someone we don't know in a city we don't think we have connections to! We praise God for His fun provision and sweet surprises! We're going to wait til we move, obviously, to set this up in our new backyard!
Elijah turned 5 months old last Saturday!!! This is not a month for a doctor's appointment, so we didn't know any of his stats, but today we took him to The UPS Store and weighed him there. :) He weighed just over 18.5 lbs!!! That means he's right about at double his birth weight.
We went to College Station last weekend to be a part of the Waco night training school outreach. Elijah was a champ on the parts he participated in! Although Mommy and Daddy learned that skipping one of Elijah's nap just to see how he'd do is a BAD idea. Now we know. :)
Elijah makes the funniest faces! He chews on everything...even his own lower lip!
We tried to capture him sucking his thumb. You can't really tell that that's what's happening. Oh, well. He does this sometimes, but he much prefers his pacifier to fall asleep. He loves to chew on all his fingers (and especially other people's fingers).
In the car on the way to College Station, sometimes he got inexplicably fussy and was calmed down by holding my hand. Unfortunately, it's a horrifically awkward angle from the front seat so I didn't stay this way for long.
Elijah has found his toes! When we change his diaper, he likes to eat his feet. It makes fastening a clean diaper rather difficult!
Sweet baby!
It got cold a couple days ago!
Family picture:

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  1. love the update and what a really fun gift! the pics of you with him are darling :) - you look great!