Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent Days

Now that Elijah's started rolling, he doesn't necessarily stay where we put him. It's hilarious to look up and find him halfway off the blanket. Or all the way in the dining room on his tummy! :)
On my birthday, James brought me my favorite Starbucks drink. Elijah wanted to try it.

"Mommy and Daddy insist on taking me garage saleing when it's cold outside!"
Don't let this picture confuse you, Elijah really does seem to enjoy traveling in the car!
His shirt says "Handsome like Daddy"! :) Sure thing!
I thought we'd try letting him drink out of a sippy cup since he always reaches for my cup. Turns out this is just the next phase of his oral fixation. Notice he's trying to chew on the handle.
He proceeded to chew on the spout, but I don't think he ever figured out that there was water inside! Maybe next time!

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