Monday, November 15, 2010

Sleeping Patterns

I think I understand now why moms of young children don't get excited about daylight savings time anymore. Elijah did well the first day because we kept him up late the night before, but since then, he's been getting up much earlier! I had been waking him up at 6am for his first feeding each day, but then the week before daylight savings time I stopped waking him to see how late he'd sleep. He went from 6 to 6:15 to 6:30 to 7!!! And then the time changed. So now he wakes up and starts talking in his crib anywhere between 5:10 and 6:30. If it's 5:10 we go in and give him his pacifier and reswaddle him so he'll (hopefully) go back to sleep, but if it's 6:30 we just let him talk and play for a little before I go feed him at 7. It's funny to be climbing out of the shower and hear him on the other side of the bathroom wall making his little baby noises! This morning he'd already woken up at 5:10 and gone back to sleep for about an hour, but by 6:15 he seemed wide awake! I still wanted to get showered and dressed and everything before getting him up, and his noises were all fairly happy ones, so we left him playing in the crib til 7. When I walked in to get him at 7, though, I burst out laughing! I didn't get a picture, so I will try to describe to you what I found! Okay. He sleeps in the middle of his crib, between 2 triangle wedges so he doesn't roll over (he's better at getting to his tummy but gets a little stuck there sometimes). We swaddle him so his arms are at his sides. When I walked in this morning, he had wiggles and squirmed and kicked himself right up to the top corner of his crib. He basically had his head in the corner and his feet where his head had started! He just lay there grinning and babbling while I called James to come see our little mover and shaker! He's not crawling yet, but he's still some kind of mobile!

This week during one of his naps he had a bit of an adventure, too. Now, I know that you're not supposed to keep anything in a baby's crib. But as a newborn, he didn't move at all, so we had a cute little display of stuffed animals in there in one corner. As he's grown, and often kicks his legs a lot when he doesn't want to sleep, we've moved the stuffed animals out of the crib. But last week I was playing with the idea of not responding when I first hear him talking and seeing if he'll fall back asleep, so I thought maybe he could have one toy in there. So he had this big blue bear that a friend of the family made for him. It's close to his size, actually. I set it in one corner of the crib where he could reach it if he wanted to touch it. So, I had put him down for a nap one afternoon, and, while I wish he had just drifted quietly off to sleep like he sometimes does, he seemed more awake once I set him down and he was just chattering and cooing away. Then, his talking turned to crying. I thought that was strange so I went in to check on him. Again, I wish I'd taken a picture, but it would have been cruel to leave him there to go get the camera. I found him with the bear spread-eagled on top of himself! It was hilarious!!! He didn't think it was quite so funny, though when I came in and started laughing he was less bothered by it. So, now the bear lives with the other toys again. He can just look at and touch the bumper pads instead. Which, after this morning and his traveling in the crib, I'm glad we have!! :)

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  1. Cat,

    I'm going through the same thing with Caleb...I'm going to try giving him the pacifier at 5 to see if he can wait until around 6 to eat. I love getting ideas from you!

    Cute nap story! Made me laugh- wish there was a picture to go with it!