Friday, December 10, 2010


My awesome Tia Marilyn sent Elijah a sweet present last week: an exersaucer! Actually, she ordered it over a month ago, and then apparently it either never made it to our home or got stolen off of our front porch or something! Anyway, the replacement came last week and we were all super excited!

There were about a million pieces that James got to assemble! It was a lot, but he's a creative person. :)

Elijah has figured out how to turn himself in the seat so he can look at and play with all the various toys. One of the musical pieces we normally leave turned off because it's song gets stuck in our head and drives us crazy! It's a very educational toy and Elijah loves getting to play with it-unless he just woke up, then he doesn't like it-I think it's overstimulating if he's still sleepy!! :)

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  1. Cat, he is SO super cute. He looks like he loves it, and I'm sure you do too - a happy baby makes a happy mommy! :)