Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post-Christmas Update

So much to say, so little opportunity. Sorry no pictures for now. I'll work on that when I have more time!
--We are moved in to our new home in College Station. We had amazing help on both ends-friends helping load up the Uhaul in Waco and unload and even unpack in College Station, mom and mother-in-law at different times to watch Elijah and help unpack, meals provided, and so many hugs and well wishes and prayers! I need to process this move, but honestly haven't had time! I don't know if the reality has hit me yet. I think I'll feel lonely once my family leaves and James starts going into work at the church offices every day. For now it's still the adventure side of it, but little things are reminding me that I don't live in Waco anymore, close to those friends and in a familiar place. I'm praying that God will help me fully embrace this next season.
--My family is visiting from all over the place! My parents live in Tennessee, Jen lives in Virginia, and I'm not sure where Josh claims as home now that my parents moved and he's away at college. Either Maryland or Pennsylvania. Anyway, they're all here in our newly-moved-into home and it's just so sweet to have them here! Elijah is finally getting to know people that I love so dearly. Having a baby has made me realize what a sacrifice my parents made to move away from their families. I want them to know him because I love them so much and I love him so much, but I'm confident that they and we are where God wants us to be. Anyway!
--Elijah's first Christmas was fun. He chewed on his presents but didn't care about unwrapping them, so we had to help a lot! He got several fun books that I was excited about, among other things. Christmas Day felt a little hectic, but it was sweet! James and I talked last week about several traditions that we want to be sure to incorporate into this holiday in the future. Several we've already been doing, but something about now being parents meant we wanted to actually spell it out. We enjoyed the thought of doing these things for years down the road as our family continues to grow. Though we realized yesterday that one of our traditions we wanted to start we actually forgot to do! Oops! :)
--Elijah's cutting his first tooth! We've felt like it was coming for a while, but just a couple days ago-it may have actually been Christmas Day, as a matter of fact-we could feel the top sharp edge poking through his gum. It's not even the complete top surface of his tooth yet, but it's a start! I wanted to make jokes about all he wanted for Christmas being his two front teeth, but it's just one front tooth for now! :)

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