Thursday, January 13, 2011


Elijah has his second big cold. Runny nose, snot everywhere. Poor little guy! He was playing today and had to keep taking his pacifier out to take deeper breaths before popping it back in to keep playing! He takes having his nose wiped with a kleenex but somehow keeps managing to wipe his nose on my shirt while I'm trying to get it with the kleenex! I think having a cold is making his drool more, too (open-mouthed breathing?), so he's had this wet ring on his shirt around his neck all afternoon!

He is sitting so well as he plays. I love it! He topples over sometimes as he tries to reach for toys that have rolled out of reach. He doesn't want to be on his stomach, but sometimes the way he lands on his arm takes a minute of struggling. It's so funny!

He is loving being read to lately. Before naps, I like to take him into his room and pick several books to read to him in his rocker. He is really looking at the pictures and sometimes helping turn the pages. Today he was actually laughing at the pop-up book I was reading him!

His favorite toys right now are these different soft balls-a football and a couple baseballs. He hugs them to his chest with both hands and just sits there. Today he looked so proud of himself because he had the ball in one arm and picked up another toy in the other arm! He really is a charmer!

I'll post recent pictures soon, really!

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