Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Vacation in Pictures, Final Installment

Josh, Dad, and James all worked on assembling the swingset. Sadly, it is still incomplete, but we can sit on it and swing...softly. No slide or see-saw yet. Apparently swingset assembly is a direct assault on manhood. It says to tighten all the screws every day. Impossible.

Elijah still loves bathtime! His favorite toys these days are the brightest colored bath-squirters, the hot pink stingray and the lime green seahorse!
A close-up of the seahorse.
The only way we could get a good family picture was to give EZ an ornament to gnaw on. Otherwise he kept tugging on my necklace, crying, or trying to leap out of our arms!
New clothes from GrandSarah. Unfortunately, he's growing much faster than expected and only got to wear this a few times! It was super cute, though!
Sporting his new suspenders from Tia Jen!
Our ATS class started! I spoke at the retreat!

We have an awesome bunch!

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  1. it seems that OWNING a swingset is a bit of a part-time job. do they state that clearly on the side of the box? how many screws are there, that you have to tighten on a daily basis? that's amazing. you really need to plan, to work your swingset screw tightening into your daily life.