Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Vacation in Pictures, Part 1 of Many

Our Christmas vacation, in pictures:

The first thing that got set up in our new home in College Station was the Christmas tree. Not really because we have such great holiday spirit, but because we had brought it up the week before intending to make a Christmas memory by putting it up together in our new home, but we ran out of time. On Saturday the 18th, move-in day, so many people from the church here in C-Stat showed up to help. A couple of them were early, even before James arrived with the U-Haul, so I had them set up the tree for us. So the tree was first! :)

Two days later, Monday the 20th, my mom arrived! We drove to Houston to pick her up! Her grandma name is Abuela, which means grandma in Spanish.

After picking her up from the airport, we stopped by to visit James' grandparents. We don't get to see them too often, and since we were in town at the airport, it felt like the perfect time! Here's Elijah with Granny:
...and with Papa:
Here is all of us together:
And a photo of 4 different generations. So cool!
Elijah really loves being read to, so here's Abuela reading to him:The next day, Tuesday, Mom drove to Waco with me and we cleaned the old place. We had to clean everything and steam the carpets when we moved out, and we figured it'd be much easier to do once we had everything moved. We worked for five hours and it wore us out! I can't imagine having done it by myself!

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  1. EZ makes the greatest eye contact.
    momma is worn.out.