Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Vacation in Pictures, Part 2

Wednesday, my dad and siblings arrived! Everyone was thrilled to get to see Elijah again. He had changed so much since last time they'd seen him, and this was Josh's first time to meet him!

Strangely, the above may be the only normal picture with these two. Every other picture involves Uncle Josh trying to eat his nephew. You'll see.
All the playing with his grandson wore Baba out. Dad waited to pick his grandma name until he got here and Elijah was chattering away all the time, "Ba ba ba ba ba." Dad ensured that his name would be easily pronounced by his grandson!
We had lots of visitors! GranSarah and Ramon came...and brought Grandmother with them! We hadn't seen her since July, so it was a treat!
Pop Art and Gigi came a couple days later. Elijah had skipped his morning nap, which made for a cuddly baby!
Uncle George, Aunt Sara, Rebecca, and Allison came a couple days later. We had fun!
Uncle George demonstrated the fireman hold on Elijah. :)

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