Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Vacation in Pictures, Part 3

Elijah's favorite thing about his first Christmas was the wrapping paper. Chewing on it, specifically. Actually, he cut his first tooth on Christmas Day, and his second five days later!
I had to unwrap his presents for him and try to get the paper away before he actually ate any of it! He didn't seem at all interested in what was inside the paper!!
Uncle Josh thought this looked like a good method, so he tried it on one of his gifts.
Here Elijah is modeling two of Tia Jen's presents. Kristi made her a mug warmer (is that the right terminology?) for her multiple cups of tea each day, and I made her a head wrap with some fabric I had used to make a baby blanket. Doesn't he look cool?
I was excited to receive this "Baby's first Christmas" ornament from my grandparents! It just seemed like we should have one of those!
It was so fun having everyone here! I love Dad's smile in this picture!
We had a bit of an electronic Christmas! :) Josh got a kindle (and promptly began staying up hours later than everyone else reading)!
I got a laptop (let me just say I was SO stoked about this! My husband is the GREATEST!!!)!!! I have no idea what I was doing with my expression in this photo. Sneaky face?
Even Elijah got a laptop! Mickey Mouse's voice says the colors and numbers, though to me they all sound the same. Who decided (fifty years ago?!) that kids should learn from a mouse who sounds like it's talking underwater?I told you you'd see Josh eating Elijah again. Here's another example. We got about ten of these same shots, trying to get one with Josh smiling. He started each photo smiling so angelically, then timed it perfectly so that when the camera actually took the picture, his mouth was open!Jen and Josh performed some acrobatic feats for us! :)
We took a sweet family photo! I really like how it turned out!
Is Josh eating Jen in this photo?
Elijah's bib says "Merry Christmas, ya'll"!! He's ready for Christmas dinner...which for him, was the same as any other day!
Josh is ready to dive in to the fondue!
We had cheese fondue for lunch...
...and really, chocolate fondue for dinner. We really go all out for Christmas dinner around here!


  1. Haha, Love Elijah's facial expression with Jen's gifts on his head.
    The family photos turned out great!
    It is so fun to see what you were all up to and I wish I could have joined in on the fun!
    I thought the Josh-eating-baby photos were very amusing =)

  2. i really love these posts.
    they just make me miss you kind of a lot.