Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tummy...One of Our Favorite Things?

For a while now, when we try to put Elijah on his tummy, he just rolls himself right over. I've just come to the place where I'm okay with him not crawling. It really is easier for him to just stay in one place, right where I put him down. He can't do that forever, but for now, it's okay. I have friends whose babies of the same age or even younger are cruising all over the place, but Elijah has been happy to be stationary. Not for lack of our trying, though. We try to give him lots of opportunities on his tummy, but they all last for three seconds, tops. He knows he can get off of his tummy and is about eleven million times happier on his back.

Until this week.

Just in the last 4 or 5 days, Elijah has finally started showing interest in things that are out of reach. He'd been doing that, but just fussing or crying because he couldn't reach something, but now, he's becoming adventurous! He even seems to throw his toys intentionally out of reach, and then reaches, reaches, reaches...until he face plants in the direction he was reaching! He's getting better at catching himself with his hand, but even when he doesn't, he seems to be proud of himself because that's what he was trying to do. This is in contrast with before-when he did fall accidentally, he'd hit the ground and just start crying because he didn't want to be there! So, now, he falls onto his tummy towards whatever he's reaching for, and then pushes himself up on his front arms and kinda wiggles around like a fish out of water. He doesn't seem to even be trying to move forward, but he is figuring out that he can change locations this way. Yesterday morning, for example, he rolled back and forth from back to tummy to back to tummy all over the floor. He loved getting right by the bookshelf and touching the baskets. Childproofing, here we come! He still doesn't stay on his tummy forever, but he'll stay even up to a minute before rolling to his back, and then from his back he'll intentionally roll onto his tummy again! I think he just might end up crawling after all!!

But wait...there's more! Twice now I have gone in to his room in the mornings and found him on his tummy!!! The other day he'd been talking a little so I knew he was awake, but then he started crying, and when I went in, he'd rolled onto his tummy-what a surprise! This morning, though, he was still asleep and I went in to wake him up (strangely, he had a rough time last night. Lots of screaming/crying, and we couldn't figure out why! Because of that, he was tired (so were we!), so he slept later, but I woke him after a little while so we could go to church). I woke him up from being asleep on his tummy!!!!! I can't believe he rolled onto his tummy and then chose to sleep that way!!! When I put him down last night, the last time, after an extra nursing, lots of rocking from mommy and daddy, baby oragel, etc, he was on his back, and I only heard a couple little cries from him before he fell asleep. I was SO surprised to find him sound asleep on his tummy! He's old enough now to pick how he wants to sleep, I think! :)

*Side note. He has been going down so well at night since the whole cry-it-out thing in November. It was so worth it and I will tell that to whoever wants to know! But that's why last night was weird. He was screaming, not just crying, and so that's why we kept going in there. So don't be alarmed, dear reader. We haven't caved on what we think is best for him, but we also don't ignore him when things sound off! :)

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  1. its a good thing you dont have stairs. im thinking about your home and what will need to be childproofed.

    i think he's going to try to swim in jewel's water dish sis.