Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Walk in the Park

...or to the park, rather. We have a little park/dog run just at the end of our street. Josh was working on training Jewel to walk nicely and not pull (we've totally dropped the ball on that one! Her training has been mostly limited to when she stays at the Howards. We just don't walk her much!).

It was a pretty chilly day, so EZ had to get all decked out in his winter clothes.
BaBa took him on his first slide experience. He didn't actually seem to care. Soon, though!
On the other hand, he LOVED swinging! It's so cute!
Here he's watching his Uncle Josh swing so high. It was hysterical to watch Elijah's head go back and forth following Josh.
Becca and Allison got to use the grown-up swings! :)

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