Saturday, February 26, 2011

Proud Parent

I've taken a lot of pictures, and truly, I know they all look so very similar. I was just so impressed with every little thing my little guy was doing, and this was the best I could do to capture these moments on film! :)

First of all, we definitely played catch this morning! Elijah would hold the ball out to me, and I'd take it. He'd clap his hands enthusiastically, and then I'd gently toss the ball back into his lap. He'd grin like crazy, pick it up, and hold it out to me again. This went on and on. Next he just needs to learn how to actually throw the ball!!!

Cute little bald-headed baby! Can you see how his bottom isn't on the ground? He's trying hard today to get up...
Not happy here anymore, going to roll on over to the toy basket and see what's going on over there...
Getting there...
Within arms' reach...
Aha! Got something!
Got something else...
Now watch him turn to get the ball he wants.

He's so long! I can't believe how big our baby is!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Gracious! I've heard it said that motherhood is like handing out pieces of yourself to go walking around outside of your body-so painful and vulnerable and unprotected. It's true! My little guy isn't even walking around and I feel that statement is true!

It seems like everyone these days is asking if Elijah is crawling yet. Apparently, he's "behind" by some standard of normalcy (though reality is that "normal" for crawling is something like between 7 and 13 months. We're not even at 9!). What's ridiculous is that all it takes is people asking me if he should be crawling by now and I jump on this defensiveness track! "Well, he could start crawling anytime in the next several months and still be in a healthy normal range. He is constantly progressing and I can see his little brain mastering new things every day. Why, today he started waving and last week he decided that he likes rolling around and he's been kissing us and he's obviously happy because, well, just look at him! And maybe I DO hold him too much or don't put him on his stomach enough but research shows that all kids pretty much walk around the same time and besides, plenty of kids never crawl at all." *pant pant pant*

I don't think anyone who's asked the crawling question has meant anything by it. If they "criticize," they only want to encourage me to do what's best for him, and they're doing it for our good. They're not implying that I'm a bad mom or that I'm doing a bad job because my kid doesn't have his act together yet. What have I become that I can hear someone comment about their 10 month old's lack of teeth and think, "Well, EZ may not be crawling, but at least he has FOUR teeth!" Like I have anything to do with that? This is not a competition, people!

I have nothing to prove.

God has been speaking to me from Proverbs 3:5-6 lately. This is one of the first verses I ever memorized, back in Sunday School in Aviano. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." God is showing me that trust and anxiety/fear are incompatible. If I am trusting Him, I can't be anxious. Even if my precious son did end up with developmental delays (which we have NO reason to expect), God is trustworthy and has GOOD-His BEST for him. There is NO point in my worrying about these things, or anything else! I can't change things by worrying about them, I might as well do us all a favor and just love every moment of this journey. It is a precious journey, after all, and we won't ever get these days back!

Lesson learned? Well, maybe some day? Baby steps... rolls.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing Up So Fast

Elijah loves to roll all around the living room. I've been putting him down on his blanket, and he'll roll all around, touching things, trying to chew on the furniture, etc. It's hilarious to watch, and I'm already having to increase my awareness of what he's doing even when he's playing happily and I'm doing something else in the same room. Gone are the days where I find him exactly where I left him! I need to work on some child-proofing. Soon!

Here he rolled himself under the chair.
We are so thankful to have such a happy, joyful baby! He's proud of himself for being able to travel, I think!
Another new thing for him is that he's realized that this basket holds all of his toys. Or maybe he just thinks it's cool that I finally let him touch everything he's reaching for. Either way, he loves spending time taking EVERYTHING out of the basket and spreading it around himself! In these pictures he did it sitting up, but several times recently, he's rolled himself over to the basket and tugged on it to spill it, and then proceeded to empty it. It makes such a hilarious mess. I think he loves being surrounded by all his stuff! :)
See the mess all around him? Maybe I should keep fewer toys in his basket...but it's so funny!
Our little man really is growing up so beautifully! Isn't this a SWEET picture? My two favorite people!!!
Further proof that he's growing up: I finally got socks that fit him (poor kid, after months and months of socks that cut off his circulation!). The irony is that these socks are 12-24 months. He's going to be tall, just like his PaPa (great-grandfather)! And see the sweet potato fry on his tray? He ate some of OUR food!!! Unbelievable! Granted, he dropped more of these than he ate, I think, but still, it's notable!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Carseat Switch

Elijah just graduated to his next carseat! James and I both felt a little sad at how fast our little man is growing up! We think the new carseat makes him look five years old. He's still rear-facing cuz it's safer, but he is definitely riding in style! We removed the optional cupholder and ashtray-looking attachments!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cleaning our Lil' Toofers!

If you squint, you might be able to see his bottom teeth. At the time of these pictures, he had just cut his third tooth, the top right. This week he cut the fourth one, top left! We're a teething machine.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Shout-Out to our Waco Friends

Elijah loves to clap. A lot. All the time. It's cute.

This is one of his newest things. This is how he waves right now. I think. :) He doesn't move his hand or fingers at all yet, but he reaches toward the person who's waving at him. Cute.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Motion

Can you guess where he started out? He is a rolling machine!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Friends

We're out of town and I don't have our camera. Sorry no cute pictures! But it's been so sweet lately to see Elijah interacting with other babies and kids. We've spent time with several Waco friends while we're in town for staff training, and I just laugh seeing Elijah with these other kids! He'll smile and laugh and reach his little hands towards the other friends. I have to watch him because he will try to bite their fingers if he can get them into his's what he does with everything these days! He's doing great with all the transition and being at all different places this week. It'll be good to be home next week, though!

He has three teeth now! The top right one came in Monday and the other top one is pretty close!