Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing Up So Fast

Elijah loves to roll all around the living room. I've been putting him down on his blanket, and he'll roll all around, touching things, trying to chew on the furniture, etc. It's hilarious to watch, and I'm already having to increase my awareness of what he's doing even when he's playing happily and I'm doing something else in the same room. Gone are the days where I find him exactly where I left him! I need to work on some child-proofing. Soon!

Here he rolled himself under the chair.
We are so thankful to have such a happy, joyful baby! He's proud of himself for being able to travel, I think!
Another new thing for him is that he's realized that this basket holds all of his toys. Or maybe he just thinks it's cool that I finally let him touch everything he's reaching for. Either way, he loves spending time taking EVERYTHING out of the basket and spreading it around himself! In these pictures he did it sitting up, but several times recently, he's rolled himself over to the basket and tugged on it to spill it, and then proceeded to empty it. It makes such a hilarious mess. I think he loves being surrounded by all his stuff! :)
See the mess all around him? Maybe I should keep fewer toys in his basket...but it's so funny!
Our little man really is growing up so beautifully! Isn't this a SWEET picture? My two favorite people!!!
Further proof that he's growing up: I finally got socks that fit him (poor kid, after months and months of socks that cut off his circulation!). The irony is that these socks are 12-24 months. He's going to be tall, just like his PaPa (great-grandfather)! And see the sweet potato fry on his tray? He ate some of OUR food!!! Unbelievable! Granted, he dropped more of these than he ate, I think, but still, it's notable!

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