Saturday, February 26, 2011

Proud Parent

I've taken a lot of pictures, and truly, I know they all look so very similar. I was just so impressed with every little thing my little guy was doing, and this was the best I could do to capture these moments on film! :)

First of all, we definitely played catch this morning! Elijah would hold the ball out to me, and I'd take it. He'd clap his hands enthusiastically, and then I'd gently toss the ball back into his lap. He'd grin like crazy, pick it up, and hold it out to me again. This went on and on. Next he just needs to learn how to actually throw the ball!!!

Cute little bald-headed baby! Can you see how his bottom isn't on the ground? He's trying hard today to get up...
Not happy here anymore, going to roll on over to the toy basket and see what's going on over there...
Getting there...
Within arms' reach...
Aha! Got something!
Got something else...
Now watch him turn to get the ball he wants.

He's so long! I can't believe how big our baby is!


  1. You are not allowed to make jokes about how I take lots of pictures that look the same any longer.

    I love you, and our little guy!

  2. Your son is very cute! I think my little boy is just a little older than yours. (I found your blog from O My Family)

  3. it seems like he is trying so hard.

    i dont remember this at all. for myself. learning how to move. it's so easy now! any day, sis.