Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Months

Sweet Baby Elijah,
You are growing so big and so fast! You are a constant source of joy for us! You are so quick to smile and to clap your hands in delight. You make happy gurgling, squealing sounds as you play and are so happy to lay on your blanket and throw your toys all over the room. You love grabbing Jewel's fur by the fistful and rubbing your face on her, and I'm afraid the other day you actually tried to bite her. You love to eat in your highchair, and love to offer Jewel the food you don't want. You are a charmer-people in the restaurants and the grocery store stop to talk to you and tell you how beautiful you are! It's true!
You are a content kind of curious. You wonder about things and you reach for them, but if you can't reach something, you move on to something nearby. You enjoy what goes on around you, but you are satisfied with where you are and what you have-unless someone is drinking from a cup while trying to hold you. Then, watch out-you will get your hand inside that cup! :) As of today, you have 6 teeth! You are chewing on your fingers a lot this week, and when you realized yesterday that you can open drawers in the kitchen, you tried to chew on a drawer! You drink water from your sippy cup much better now than you used to, but you still end up spilling a lot of it, too!
You make so many fun noises. I just can't wait til I can interpret what you mean when you talk to me! You seem to be asking lots of questions these days, with the inflection rising as you make your little noises. When I roll my Rs around you, you respond with a very similar sound, and now that you have some teeth to play with, your vocabulary is changing more and more! You give kisses so sweetly when I ask for this, opening your mouth and pressing your slobbery face against my cheek. Sometimes you even make the "mmmmaaah" noise with your kisses! They still bring tears to my eyes. I know it's not much longer that you'll be a little lap baby-any day now you're going to figure out how to move yourself around and then you'll be on to the next stage of life! I enjoy every moment of being your momma and am so glad that you are mine and Daddy's!
You are a gift from God to us. There is nothing more satisfying than spending my days loving you, caring for you, kissing you, and laughing with you! I love you, little man!

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  1. EZ,
    i also love when you wave at me.
    i miss your quiver lip and your prudish face but i think you have done such a wonderful job learning to "love everybody".

    tia jen