Friday, March 18, 2011

The Firsts of Many

Several firsts for Elijah these last several days:

Just an hour or so ago, he may have earned his first "rough-and-tumble" bruise. I know he's a boy, and boys like to play and run and jump and climb. I just didn't expect him to start earning his battle wounds quite so early! But he was sitting here playing and he reached for a toy, lost his balance and tumbled face first. This happens a lot, no big deal, except that he had scootched himself over by the entertainment center and whacked his face right against it as he fell. He has a nice reddish/purplish mark on his forehead that looks like it might bruise over night. Battle wounds...

Last night he did his first headstand...kind of. Several times, he pushed himself up onto all fours, and then leaned his head down and lifted up his hands, so he was balancing up on his knees and his head. It was hilarious to see, but I didn't have the camera. Alas!

We just got back from Elijah's first missions trip! We tagged along on the college spring break trip to Baton Rouge, LA, so this was also his first time east of the Mississippi. Elijah did great! He didn't always sleep wonderfully, though tolerably, but he was truly a cheerful, pleasant bundle of joy! I enjoyed experiencing the trip with this different perspective, and felt like God was reminding me again that I am valued for who I am, not what I do-I was there as Elijah's mom and James' wife and our church's staff, not there to "do" a ton. So I shared the gospel when I could, prayed for and talked with students (loved it!), etc, but those things weren't my focus. Yay for sweet lessons from Jesus. :)

We've survived our first all-day road trips! Getting to Baton Rouge and back seemed like potentially big obstacles to me as I anticipated them, since usually we try to plan our driving time around Elijah's nap schedule, but with a seven hour drive, we couldn't so much do that! My friend Laurie rode with us and was a life saver when I needed to move to the back or when she played with him from the front seat as he fussed. He didn't love being in the car sear for so long, but we all survived and it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't do it again!

To celebrate a friend's birthday, Elijah attended his first garden picnic. We've eaten outside before, sure, but this was with a picnic blanket and picnic basket and everything. It was so sweet at one point-another young friend sat beside Elijah and draped his arm around his shoulder and Elijah open-mouthed kissed his cheek! I love thinking ahead to the years ahead!

EZ has become a carnivore! He has had his first chicken meals (pureed, of course). So far, he seems to like it!

Elijah can now identify his first body part. I ask him, "Elijah, where's your head?" and put my hands out like I'm asking a question, and he taps himself on the head. We're working on, "Where's Mama's head?", but he only does that one with help. Next up, the nose or the tummy. And blowing kisses. That would be fun. :)

We're also giving him credit for his first word. He's been babbling strings of syllables for a while, but he's really seeming to associate "Dada" or sometimes "Ada" with James. It's so precious! I kept telling him while we drove to have lunch with James a couple weeks ago that we were going to see Dada, and then when we pulled up he started saying "Dada? Dada?" He sometimes says it when he sees James, too, so it really seems like he's understanding and putting his daddy with that sound. Precious!

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  1. ez. little carnivore. :)
    i love that little picnic kiss!