Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend, part 2

Saturday morning Elijah had his first taste of pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes (I forgot to make the babies their own sans chocolate) were a HUGE hit! He LOVED them and has finished off the leftovers for us quickly. He made a huge mess but it was worth it! He has started to be a lot more interested in what the rest of us are eating instead of just his baby food, so I think he's going to be moving more and more towards real food. He had some chicken broccoli couscous this weekend, too, though when I stuck a bite of my pizza in EZ's mouth, Daddy put a stop to it! :)

Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs. Wisely, we waited til the babies were asleep!
Guys, I think this may have been my first time to dye eggs. I may have done it once growing up, but I don't have a memory of it!
Some of our results. We got a little fancy with rubberbands and white crayon!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend, part 1

We had dear friends (Waco lifegroup co-leaders for years!) come visit for Easter weekend. We had a blast! It was an experience having a full house with three kids 4 and under, and we made lots of good memories! We started out with the swimming pool, which Josiah and Elijah loved, but little Lucy wasn't going to have it! It was fun to see how EZ interacted with Josiah being in there with him. He liked it!

EZ is getting braver-he intentionally scooted under the tree sprinkler part and didn't seem bothered by it, and he's started putting his face in (at the big pool later that weekend) and blowing bubbles!
Quite the water fight broke out! James LOVED squaring off against 4 year old Josiah, and I know James is going to LOVE doing these things with our little man (and any others that come along) as he gets older and more able to play like this! Josiah's face is precious and hilarious in this picture as he squirts Elijah on the back. EZ isn't quite as sure what he thinks of this...
Spraying Mr. James!
You can tell these little monkeys were fast friends by bedtime!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Move

Well, folks, it's official. My little "babe-in-arms" has mastered an important skill that allows him to get where he wants to go. Strangely enough, he's still not crawling. Rather, he has developed a highly sophisticated method of, well, scooting. He's hilarious to watch, and is really gaining speed. While sitting, he uses his heels to pull himself forward. Everywhere.

This began last Thursday, as we were preparing to host some dear friends for Easter weekend. It was an ideal time to break out the fridge magnets since now he can get himself there.

Oh my stinking goodness, though, I had NO IDEA how much harder this stage would be! I knew our home wasn't babyproof, and I'd just planned to cross that bridge when we got there, but who knew it would come with such a vengeance. We're making progress, really, but still, I feel like I don't get to sit down for longer than two minutes any time he's awake because he's so inquisitive and all over the place. He is no longer interested in any of his toys (so baby!) and instead wants to go around and touch everything he's looked at but not handled over the past 11 months!

His favorite thing to scoot towards is Jewel's dog bone. This has presented an excellent opportunity to begin teaching and practicing "No touch!" He's really doing great understanding what that means, though that sin nature and curiosity combined often results in a firm grip on what he's not supposed to handle. He shakes his own head at himself, though, while he reaches for it, and it's adorable to see! It's been so rewarding when he does scoot over next to something he's not supposed to touch and then he looks up at me, shakes his head, and keeps scooting past it! I've teared up and thanked Jesus for such a sweet child.

I'm working on building doors for our bookshelves to protect them from grabby hands. Interestingly, one of them is working pretty well and the other keeps falling off. I'll have to keep working!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the Day

I found something interesting as I was going through some stuff yesterday. Elijah is a scooting and rolling machine (he's actually covering ground now while sitting on his bottom and pulling with his little feet, he travels around and everything!), and he likes to pull things out of the little cubbies of our coffee table. We've known that once that started happening, we'd need to rearrange our living room storage situation, so yesterday I tackled that. I did pretty well, actually, and was quite happy with it-I cleared out two of the three bottom cubbies completely, and now one of them holds his library books. :) Anyway, one of the things I found was my note-taking journal. Back in the day, before Elijah came, I took this journal to church and ATS and such, and took notes on the message. I remember those days...but I have not tried this in many months! I had to laugh when I realized what the last bulletin was that got stuck in there: Mother's Day, May 2010. Just a couple weeks before Elijah was born! And I probably haven't taken notes in church since then! :) For a while I was too busy holding him, or taking him out to nurse him, or whatever. And now, I come late to church every week to let him take a nap first, and when I do come, my arms are so full of baby and diaper bag, etc, that I rarely even take my Bible, much less a journal! :)


In other news, Elijah is thinking about a profession in culinary artistry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well, folks, it looks like crawling might, just maybe be somewhere in our future. It's not happening yet, but starting on Friday, Elijah actually stayed on all fours for more then 3 seconds, AND he lifted his head up!!!

We have been waiting months for this. It gives us hope. He may crawl someday!!!!! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pool Time!!!

Elijah got an early birthday present from Michael & Ashley this week: a swimming pool!!!

Unfortunately, when we got out James' old air pump out to inflate the pool, we had lost the little nozzle that would let it work on this type of, instead of practicing patience until we could go replace it, we decided to blow it up ourselves. James was much more effective in this area...I tried, but apparently he's the one to call! :)

First, Elijah enjoyed the pool from the outside. He especially loved the inflatable removable flowers! He hardly let go of one the whole time!!!

He was a little less sure about it when we turned on the tree-it could drip water down from above!
Once Momma got in with him, though, and he realized it was just water, like during bathtime, he had a ball! It helped that we turned the tree part off...he just needs a little time to adjust!
He may or may not have tried to eat the tree...
He LOVE LOVE LOVED the slide!
We pretty much had a great time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Toy

Elijah's Pop, Gigi, and Great Granny came to visit him yesterday. He started out a little clingy but did well after a while. Pop and Gigi brought him a new toy which was truly remarkable because I had JUST said like three days earlier that he should put a push and ride toy on his birthday list, and then they brought him one without even knowing! He's a big fan!

He hasn't figured out yet, obviously, how to move it much himself, but he sits and rocks and scoots tiny bits. Don't worry, I'm usually right there with him! :)

Of course, he was fascinated with the box, but his favorite part yesterday was the instructions!

So, now he's all dressed up and has places to go! :) He also has an early birthday present that's on its way-you can see that once it arrives and is set up and functional. Super fun! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


In other news, here is a picture of the most adorable overalls Elijah wore the other day. We couldn't get a good picture smiling, which really makes him look like a totally different kid!!

Grinnin' with the Grinnans

*snort* That's probably the dorkiest blog title ever, but I think it's hilarious. Please forgive me!!

So our dear friends come and spent the afternoon with us yesterday. It was awesome and so fun! We had a houseful, with 4 adults, 2 babies, 2 kids, and 2 dogs! Here's James lovin' on all the boys:
Michael and Ashley have been friends of ours for EVER, I've known them since freshman year when people kept telling me they'd met my brother and I couldn't convince them my brother wasn't on campus. The resemblance to my real brother is uncanny:
Haha, JK. Anyway, Michael and Ashley are basically our heroes. They do foster care, but they signed up for respite care, basically foster kids could go vacation at the Grinnan's for a couple days or weeks at a time. But they have such big and generous hearts, they've had one pair of brothers for over a year. And then, happy birthday Ashley, on her birthday they got a call that there was a third brother who'd just been born and could they please take him, too?!?!?! And they DID. None of this 9 months to mentally prepare for a new baby for them. Impressive, people, really!
In case you missed it, the bib says, "Like father, like son." Did I mention their crazy sense of humor?!?! Ashley wants a bib she saw that says, "Shhh...I'm adopted!" :)
Praise Jesus, Michael brought some of his tools and he and James once-and-for-all tackled the swing set in the backyard, so now the slide and see-saw are attached and functional and the set is anchored safely into the ground! So exciting!
Suddenly all the grass under it is dead, which is weird since Elijah's feet don't even touch the ground when he's out there...

Anyway, we LOVE the Grinnans and are SO GLAD they're our friends and that they came to visit us!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 Months Old!

Elijah turned 10 months old about a week and a half ago. Something about 10 months suddenly seems really old to me! He's almost a year old! I can't believe it! I just keep remembering how tiny he was and how he couldn't do anything, and now he has come SO far! I am so blessed to be mothering such a joyful child, and I LOVE watching his little brain working so fast and so hard to constantly be learning new things about this world!

One of Elijah's latest tricks is that he'll copy us looking up. It's the funniest thing! He also copies sounds a lot more easily now. We have to pick from his repertoire, but we can switch noises and he'll copy us. Cute cute cute!

Elijah loves his daddy. Daddy's actually the one who taught him the "up" trick. It's hilarious to watch the two of them do it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Precious Snapshots

Someone called just as I was getting Elijah diapered after a bath. I don't usually leave him loose just in his diaper, but he really is SO cute this way!!!

Tia Jen inspired us to finally get a shot of him sleeping. Lately he's been sleeping with his bottom up in the air. I would be SO uncomfortable sleeping like that, but he chooses it! He's the CUTEST sleeping baby ever!