Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend, part 1

We had dear friends (Waco lifegroup co-leaders for years!) come visit for Easter weekend. We had a blast! It was an experience having a full house with three kids 4 and under, and we made lots of good memories! We started out with the swimming pool, which Josiah and Elijah loved, but little Lucy wasn't going to have it! It was fun to see how EZ interacted with Josiah being in there with him. He liked it!

EZ is getting braver-he intentionally scooted under the tree sprinkler part and didn't seem bothered by it, and he's started putting his face in (at the big pool later that weekend) and blowing bubbles!
Quite the water fight broke out! James LOVED squaring off against 4 year old Josiah, and I know James is going to LOVE doing these things with our little man (and any others that come along) as he gets older and more able to play like this! Josiah's face is precious and hilarious in this picture as he squirts Elijah on the back. EZ isn't quite as sure what he thinks of this...
Spraying Mr. James!
You can tell these little monkeys were fast friends by bedtime!

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