Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend, part 2

Saturday morning Elijah had his first taste of pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes (I forgot to make the babies their own sans chocolate) were a HUGE hit! He LOVED them and has finished off the leftovers for us quickly. He made a huge mess but it was worth it! He has started to be a lot more interested in what the rest of us are eating instead of just his baby food, so I think he's going to be moving more and more towards real food. He had some chicken broccoli couscous this weekend, too, though when I stuck a bite of my pizza in EZ's mouth, Daddy put a stop to it! :)

Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs. Wisely, we waited til the babies were asleep!
Guys, I think this may have been my first time to dye eggs. I may have done it once growing up, but I don't have a memory of it!
Some of our results. We got a little fancy with rubberbands and white crayon!

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