Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grinnin' with the Grinnans

*snort* That's probably the dorkiest blog title ever, but I think it's hilarious. Please forgive me!!

So our dear friends come and spent the afternoon with us yesterday. It was awesome and so fun! We had a houseful, with 4 adults, 2 babies, 2 kids, and 2 dogs! Here's James lovin' on all the boys:
Michael and Ashley have been friends of ours for EVER, I've known them since freshman year when people kept telling me they'd met my brother and I couldn't convince them my brother wasn't on campus. The resemblance to my real brother is uncanny:
Haha, JK. Anyway, Michael and Ashley are basically our heroes. They do foster care, but they signed up for respite care, basically foster kids could go vacation at the Grinnan's for a couple days or weeks at a time. But they have such big and generous hearts, they've had one pair of brothers for over a year. And then, happy birthday Ashley, on her birthday they got a call that there was a third brother who'd just been born and could they please take him, too?!?!?! And they DID. None of this 9 months to mentally prepare for a new baby for them. Impressive, people, really!
In case you missed it, the bib says, "Like father, like son." Did I mention their crazy sense of humor?!?! Ashley wants a bib she saw that says, "Shhh...I'm adopted!" :)
Praise Jesus, Michael brought some of his tools and he and James once-and-for-all tackled the swing set in the backyard, so now the slide and see-saw are attached and functional and the set is anchored safely into the ground! So exciting!
Suddenly all the grass under it is dead, which is weird since Elijah's feet don't even touch the ground when he's out there...

Anyway, we LOVE the Grinnans and are SO GLAD they're our friends and that they came to visit us!


  1. 1. Good job on the quickness of this post.
    2. Michael and Josh do look very similar. Does your mom need to tell you something?
    3. We do have a corny last name.
    4. "Safely" anchored??? Not sure.
    5. We love you too.

  2. Fun post! So happy you had a wonderful time with great friends! Sounds like a precious family. Gotta love the brother comparison.

  3. oh this is so wonderful. thanks for taking and sharing photos from the day!! i love to see.

    the thing about the dead grass.. jewel's feet touch the ground..

  4. Yeah, but Jewel runs laps around the swingset. Inexplicable.