Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Toy

Elijah's Pop, Gigi, and Great Granny came to visit him yesterday. He started out a little clingy but did well after a while. Pop and Gigi brought him a new toy which was truly remarkable because I had JUST said like three days earlier that he should put a push and ride toy on his birthday list, and then they brought him one without even knowing! He's a big fan!

He hasn't figured out yet, obviously, how to move it much himself, but he sits and rocks and scoots tiny bits. Don't worry, I'm usually right there with him! :)

Of course, he was fascinated with the box, but his favorite part yesterday was the instructions!

So, now he's all dressed up and has places to go! :) He also has an early birthday present that's on its way-you can see that once it arrives and is set up and functional. Super fun! :)