Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Move

Well, folks, it's official. My little "babe-in-arms" has mastered an important skill that allows him to get where he wants to go. Strangely enough, he's still not crawling. Rather, he has developed a highly sophisticated method of, well, scooting. He's hilarious to watch, and is really gaining speed. While sitting, he uses his heels to pull himself forward. Everywhere.

This began last Thursday, as we were preparing to host some dear friends for Easter weekend. It was an ideal time to break out the fridge magnets since now he can get himself there.

Oh my stinking goodness, though, I had NO IDEA how much harder this stage would be! I knew our home wasn't babyproof, and I'd just planned to cross that bridge when we got there, but who knew it would come with such a vengeance. We're making progress, really, but still, I feel like I don't get to sit down for longer than two minutes any time he's awake because he's so inquisitive and all over the place. He is no longer interested in any of his toys (so baby!) and instead wants to go around and touch everything he's looked at but not handled over the past 11 months!

His favorite thing to scoot towards is Jewel's dog bone. This has presented an excellent opportunity to begin teaching and practicing "No touch!" He's really doing great understanding what that means, though that sin nature and curiosity combined often results in a firm grip on what he's not supposed to handle. He shakes his own head at himself, though, while he reaches for it, and it's adorable to see! It's been so rewarding when he does scoot over next to something he's not supposed to touch and then he looks up at me, shakes his head, and keeps scooting past it! I've teared up and thanked Jesus for such a sweet child.

I'm working on building doors for our bookshelves to protect them from grabby hands. Interestingly, one of them is working pretty well and the other keeps falling off. I'll have to keep working!

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  1. He's sooo cute! And what an innovative way to get around! Sweet Elijah boy!