Thursday, April 7, 2011


Elijah is really catching on to communicating via sign language! He's been doing his version of "more" (more of a clap, really) for months, but just a couple days ago, he mastered "please" and is doing it a lot! Every time he reaches for something and grunts his little asking noise (which I think sounds a little like "please" anyway), I can tell him, "Say please!" and he does! It's SO CUTE! It's his right hand patting his chest. Today he even switched a toy from his right hand to his left in order to say please with his right! :) I'm realizing, though, that this could be a little monster of a thing to teach him because sometimes he'll reach and sign "please" and I still have to tell him no. "No, you may not play with my cell phone." "No, you may not drink Mama's tea." :) It's fun because now it feels like our child has manners! :) Next up...either "Thank you" or "all done." We'll see! :)


  1. How about the sign language for vodka? :)

  2. You have re-inspired me to try sign language with Cora again! It is SO cute that he has such good manners already!

  3. signing is so great--it makes things so much less frustrating for you AND him. he doesn't have to scream and you don't have to guess what he wants.
    please, more, all done, drink, and food are the key ones for sure.
    will. change. your. lives.