Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pool Time!!!

Elijah got an early birthday present from Michael & Ashley this week: a swimming pool!!!

Unfortunately, when we got out James' old air pump out to inflate the pool, we had lost the little nozzle that would let it work on this type of, instead of practicing patience until we could go replace it, we decided to blow it up ourselves. James was much more effective in this area...I tried, but apparently he's the one to call! :)

First, Elijah enjoyed the pool from the outside. He especially loved the inflatable removable flowers! He hardly let go of one the whole time!!!

He was a little less sure about it when we turned on the tree-it could drip water down from above!
Once Momma got in with him, though, and he realized it was just water, like during bathtime, he had a ball! It helped that we turned the tree part off...he just needs a little time to adjust!
He may or may not have tried to eat the tree...
He LOVE LOVE LOVED the slide!
We pretty much had a great time!


  1. James must have a lot of hot air!!

  2. So cute! What a fun pool that will get lots of use during your hot summer (and spring and fall...)!