Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Weekend, part 3-Easter Baskets

These are the Easter baskets we prepped for the kids. God bless Michael and Stacy for sharing their extra basket and grass filler-I just hadn't even thought about having an Easter basket for him til that weekend!!!
Strategically, Elijah's basket contained his Mama and Daddy's favorite candy.
He loved rattling the eggs around! They're actually still providing tons of entertainment!
He got a cute Easter frog! The bunny I was looking at looked super sad-like Bambi. And why not have a frog?
Now, I just LOVE the sequence of events that these next pictures document. Here's how far apart the kiddos were sitting. Elijah's playing happily with what's in his basket when...
he thinks, "I have this cool orange egg..."
"...but Lucy has that AWESOME green egg..."" can I get my hands on that one?""Oh! I know! I can scoot myself all over the place now. Off I go!""Aha! It is mine!" I mean, just look at that facial expression. Sheer bliss! :)
And yes, those are MY reese's candies he's squishing. Thanks for noticing.

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  1. love it! great strategy on the candy, and the egg snatching :)