Saturday, May 14, 2011

In the Mouth

Babies put the strangest things in their mouths. Well, really, I guess they just put EVERYthing in their mouths. This week, that's been especially unappetizing:

-Bird poop. You know how it dries in little sticks sometimes where it falls. We were outside on a friend's porch, and suddenly he is licking this little piece of bird poop. I don't even know where it came from!

-Electricity! I let him play with his sound machine cuz he can turn the volume knob and everything. Pretty fun. Well, he figured out how to take the machine part off of the plug part so it has just the metal part that connects to the machine, but the plug was still connected to the wall. I saw him putting it in his mouth, and then he'd make a really funny face, but after two or three times, I wondered if it was doing something to merit that face. So I tried it (yes, I licked the cord!), and sure enough, I got a little electric tingle on the tip of my tongue. Yum!

Dog Food-Well, it had to happen one of these days, right? If it helps, I don't think he ate any of it, just licked it. I heard the sound of the food bowl, so I rushed around the corner (I'd been washing dishes) and he looked up at me with a "yucky" face and a piece of dog food in each hand!

Shoes-What is it about shoes? The bottom of the shoe is the part he tries to get straight in his mouth. Lord, strengthen this boy's immune system!

Water-He loves to drink out of our cups. He wears most, if not all, of what comes from the cup, but boy, does he get excited at the prospect of getting to try to drink from them!

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