Friday, June 24, 2011

An Ambitious Project

So, I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I had this idea on the plane (HOURS and HOURS of time to have ideas, you know), and I'm going to do it. There is such a thing as a quiet book. It's a little activity book kids can play with, it doesn't take reading or anything, just has little pieces to move around, fabrics to touch, etc. I've looked around a lot online at different people's ideas and have compiled a very ambitious list. I'm going to try to do a page for every letter of the alphabet. Here are some sample pages:

This may take years. But I've started! Maybe I'll post pictures once I have more to show for it! So far I have five blank pages built, one started, and lots of little pieces made. I love having a project to work on, though, for some reason. It's just life-giving to me! :)

There's No Place Like Home

I know I am long overdue...I just haven't known what to say...I think I'm expected to post a glowing report about our trip and I just don't feel like that's honest. Probably noone has any expectations of me like that and I just impose that on myself.

So here's the deal: Being in India was hard. I've been on trips before in several other countries and, while I always get to where I'm thankful to be returning home, I was blindsided by how hard this trip was. I think the variable was the little man. It wasn't necessarily the "being in India" that was hard, though, it was the loooooooong plane flights, the jetlag (his being awake for HOURS each night, screaming), the being away from home, the both of us getting sick away from home, the every meal takes two hours and there goes his awake time, the difficulty of getting places and communicating with people away from the hotel, etc. The people and country of India were so kind and friendly, and our experience in NO way reflects anything different!

Elijah was a joy when we went out during the day. He just flashed his cherubic little smile and waved at everybody. I was afraid we'd cause scooter wrecks because people driving by would be turning their heads to look at him. He grinned at the serving staff at every restaurant, the hotel staff where we stayed, everyone on the streets, etc. He even made friendly noises to the street dogs, but don't worry, we kept our distance from those!

The best thing about the trip for me was the lesson I felt like God was teaching me through it: leaning on the rest of the Body. The other folks on our team were great and I really felt carried in the midst of hard days, sick days, crying baby, etc. I am honored to be a part of the body of Christ and am reminded what a valuable gift this is!

There are great stories, testimonies, etc, that I'm not going to post here. Let us know if you want more of those details!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, India

Oh, India.

We have one more full day here and then we have a super long travel day to make our way home. This has not been what I'd expected on this trip, that's for sure.

Let me just tell you, jetlag for a baby is KILLER. Remind me of that next time I think it's no big deal to drag a small child to a time zone 10 1/2 hours ahead. Poor baby finally seems to have adjusted yesterday. And now we'll get to do it again for going home!!!

Our hotel is across the street from a "college of commerce" that is having student body elections this week. This translates into 3 hours of drumming and shouting and campaign speeches yesterday, of course coinciding with naptime. Thankfully, today they started way later.

Elijah has been a magnet. He loves to wave at people-he is such a little charmer! All the waitstaff at the restaurants where we've eaten seem to make excuses to walk by our table just to come talk to him, and the hotel employees have even swiped him out of my arms to hold him themselves! He has been super cheerful and friendly, smiling and waving and pointing. He also likes to stick his arm out of the rickshaws, which we discourage-there's some crazy driving here and we don't want him to actually hit something as we whizz by! :)

Elijah has developed a picture smile. Hilarious!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Mama

It's official. He's old enough to wreak havoc in the kitchen. He can pull himself up now on "his" drawer, and he is just thrilled to find all his snacks, cups, bibs, etc in such an easily accessible spot.

I'm going to be moving some things around. I'm great with him playing with the dishes, but need to move the food so he doesn't see it and ask for it incessantly when he's really not hungry.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Look, Mom, I'm in the Band!

Elijah got several musical instrument toys for his birthday, which we're thrilled about! He loves music, and asks for it to be turned on by pointing to the computer or ipod dock and putting his hand up in the air and dancing. So cute! We gave him these drums:

Tia Jen gave him the xylophone, so he can work towards becoming a concert pianist!
And some dear friends from church gave him this guitar. So cool!
And yes, I know those pants are too small for him. I just washed all his 12-18 month clothes and will now switch him! :)


*Warning: I didn't sleep well last night and am pretty tired, so I'm rather emotionally fragile today. The following scene may not have merited the entire response I gave it.*

I'm told that the most heart-stopping fear you can experience as a parent is losing your child. Being in a big crowd of people, suddenly realizing one of your kids isn't where you thought they were, etc. It sounds terrifying. I thought that my taste of that was years away. Ironically, it's not. And we were home.

Elijah and I were playing in his room. He likes changing the noises on his sound machine and pulling all the books off the shelf, so he was quite happy. I heard my phone get a text message in the other room, so I went to the living room and read the message. A friend was asking for another friend's phone number. I don't know if there's a fancy way to pull up a number and forward it automatically to someone else, so I needed to look up the number, write it down, and then type it out to text back to my friend. I sat on the couch to do that, and then glanced through the emails in my inbox. Elijah let out a little whimper, so I quickly finished the one I was reading, then got up to go back to him. I don't run at every sound because he really just cries cuz he wants me back in there with him. He's fine, but he doesn't like me to walk away from him. So I wasn't in a hurry or concerned or anything. So I walk back into his room to where I left him and HE WASN'T THERE!!! I had been gone for maybe 2-3 min, not a super long time. I spun around to double-check, but he was NOT in his room. I had been sitting in the living room, and I hadn't seen him come out, so I had no idea where he could be! I thought maybe he'd somehow gotten himself under the crib and stuck, and was frantically searching for and calling my baby when I heard another little cry, which was definitely not in the room with me. I raced out of the bedroom and still didn't see him immediately, but then I saw him. He was scooting himself across the dining room toward the kitchen. The room was dark, so I hadn't seen him. I guess he was probably coming looking for me, but usually he takes longer, so I didn't expect him to have gotten so far!

I ran to him and scooped him up, hugging him tight, and burst into tears. (I warned you-I'm tired and quite fragile today!) He thought I was laughing, and being the social laugher that he is, laughed with me. I was so relieved that he was fine and I knew where he was again.