Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, India

Oh, India.

We have one more full day here and then we have a super long travel day to make our way home. This has not been what I'd expected on this trip, that's for sure.

Let me just tell you, jetlag for a baby is KILLER. Remind me of that next time I think it's no big deal to drag a small child to a time zone 10 1/2 hours ahead. Poor baby finally seems to have adjusted yesterday. And now we'll get to do it again for going home!!!

Our hotel is across the street from a "college of commerce" that is having student body elections this week. This translates into 3 hours of drumming and shouting and campaign speeches yesterday, of course coinciding with naptime. Thankfully, today they started way later.

Elijah has been a magnet. He loves to wave at people-he is such a little charmer! All the waitstaff at the restaurants where we've eaten seem to make excuses to walk by our table just to come talk to him, and the hotel employees have even swiped him out of my arms to hold him themselves! He has been super cheerful and friendly, smiling and waving and pointing. He also likes to stick his arm out of the rickshaws, which we discourage-there's some crazy driving here and we don't want him to actually hit something as we whizz by! :)

Elijah has developed a picture smile. Hilarious!

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