Friday, June 24, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I know I am long overdue...I just haven't known what to say...I think I'm expected to post a glowing report about our trip and I just don't feel like that's honest. Probably noone has any expectations of me like that and I just impose that on myself.

So here's the deal: Being in India was hard. I've been on trips before in several other countries and, while I always get to where I'm thankful to be returning home, I was blindsided by how hard this trip was. I think the variable was the little man. It wasn't necessarily the "being in India" that was hard, though, it was the loooooooong plane flights, the jetlag (his being awake for HOURS each night, screaming), the being away from home, the both of us getting sick away from home, the every meal takes two hours and there goes his awake time, the difficulty of getting places and communicating with people away from the hotel, etc. The people and country of India were so kind and friendly, and our experience in NO way reflects anything different!

Elijah was a joy when we went out during the day. He just flashed his cherubic little smile and waved at everybody. I was afraid we'd cause scooter wrecks because people driving by would be turning their heads to look at him. He grinned at the serving staff at every restaurant, the hotel staff where we stayed, everyone on the streets, etc. He even made friendly noises to the street dogs, but don't worry, we kept our distance from those!

The best thing about the trip for me was the lesson I felt like God was teaching me through it: leaning on the rest of the Body. The other folks on our team were great and I really felt carried in the midst of hard days, sick days, crying baby, etc. I am honored to be a part of the body of Christ and am reminded what a valuable gift this is!

There are great stories, testimonies, etc, that I'm not going to post here. Let us know if you want more of those details!

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  1. way to be honest! and know no one expects a glowing report (well I guess I can only speak for me but I am guessing others share that thought :) ). I actually was interested to hear how it went with the babe because I have wondered how such things go, note to self - maybe hold off on my itch to travel again :) and all i have to say is WAY TO GO MOM!!!! you did it and lives were changed for eternity through it!